Look At This 93-Year-Old Homesteader Living It Up In The Wilderness. This Guy’s A Stud!

Jack English is 93 years old and he’s not slowing down much. Jack is one of those living legends. His cabin is 5 miles of the beaten path, and is the one of the reasons he purchased the place.

Situated deep in the Ventana Wilderness and was up for auction, so he put an offer on it and was successful.

Jack English age 93 built his cabin from materials on his land, and by milling trees by hand. After his wife died, he wanted to be totally alone, so he decided to leave society behind. The cabin is now his permanent residence. We can only hope we all will be this active at Jack’s age.

5 Reasons I Like Living Off the Grid

By Marshall Craw

I enjoy living in a remote part of the country in our off-the-grid home. When I tell others where I live, there’s always the questions relating to how difficult it must be. The implication is that the grocery store is more than a mile away. Then there are the usual type questions about how do I “get” power, and how the snowmobile transportation works in the winter.

Well, I’ve been living in this off grid location for over 10 years and there are some distinct advantages to having your own property out in the sticks. If you’ve ever considered such a move, there are many “challenges” to overcome and probably a few fears. But, if you really want to make the move, there are advantages too. They may not be readily apparent, so I’ll list a few.

  1. You never have to deal with door to door salesmen. The Girl Scouts, and local high school sports fund raiser kids will probably not show up looking for support. They’ll usually find other ways to hit you up for support while in town.
  2. With 20 or more acres, your dog(s) will be happy with the really big yard. Note this advantage is generally for medium or large dogs, since the small dogs may face a host of new dangers. We are blessed with part time summer neighbors who love to hear our dogs bark at coyotes, and go walking with our dogs.
  3. One thing I never understood was living in some place where there were extra “laws” on what you could do on or with your property. These are often called CCRs (community covenant restrictions). I remember staying in some Condos in college and having ‘towel police’ that would report you for drying your pool towels over the the railing! Other places, folks get in trouble for leaving their garage door open for more than 2 hours!
  4. Where we live, we can invite friends to visit in the summer with their camper trailers and no one gets tickets for parking on the street too long. If we want to store our camper or trailer near the house or garage, no problem, no restrictions!
  5. Finally, one of the best advantages of our remote home is the peace and quiet we can enjoy! Its really neat to hear the low rumble of a vehicle coming up the road when it is 3/4 of a mile away! Never happens in the city. Also, if we’re so inclined, we can crank up the music once and a while without bothering anyone, except of course the distant coyotes!
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I live on the east site of the Cascade mountains in an off grid home with my family and animals. I designed and operate both the home power system, and a wireless network serving my home office and many other people in the region. My Interests are alternate power, Linux, and caring for cats, dogs, llamas, sheep, goats and chickens (with family help). Drop by at http://www.genverters.com to sign up for our list of tips for making your off grid move!

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