Slide-n-Tie Survival Bracelet

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When I first started out making survival bracelets, I didn’t have any side release clips. Eager to get started, I didn’t wait to get any before I made one. This is what I came up with as a solution to my buckleless predicament.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Picture of Materials

For making this bracelet you will need:

1. 9′ – 10′ of Paracord (dependent on your wrist size)
2. Carabineer
3. Scissors
4. Lighter


1. Weight
2. Second carabineer

Step 2: Starting Your Bracelet

Picture of Starting Your Bracelet

Find the middle of your Paracord. Then put the looped end through a carabineer (preferably a small one). Measure your wrist with the loop, making it the size you need (remember, it has to be slightly bigger than your wrist so it won’t be too tight once it’s finished).

Step 3: First Knots

Picture of First Knots
Picture of First Knots
Picture of First Knots

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Start with the survival bracelet classic Cobra Knot. Right cord goes behind the core loop, and in front of left cord.
Left cord goes through the small loop the right cord made. Tighten until snug. Repeat the Cobra Knot, but doing it inverted. Tighten. Flip bracelet over.

Step 4: Optional

Picture of Optional
Picture of Optional

Optional: Hang the bracelet by the carabineer, back still facing you, on a nail within easy working height. Weight core loop using second carabineer and a modest weight (just heavy enough to be able to pull up on the cords without the bracelet moving).

Step 5:

Then repeat the Cobra Knot, alternating every time until the bracelet is finished.
Make sure the core loop is turned sideward towards the end of the bracelet so the two end cords can go through it without twist. The easiest way to achieve this is to turn the weight carabineer until it is flat against the wall or turning the weight itself.

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Disconnect the weight and carabineer. Feed the right cord through the small loop and pull tight. Flip bracelet over and do the same with the left. This finishes off the one end without the use of bulgy knots.

Notice the cords look like they continue the pattern of the bracelet until they go into the end loop.

Step 6: Finishing Your Bracelet

Picture of Finishing Your Bracelet
Picture of Finishing Your Bracelet
Picture of Finishing Your Bracelet

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Remove the small carabineer, and thread the two cords through their opposite loops. Tie a knot at the end of each cord at a length that allows you to slip the bracelet over your hand and have enough room for you to tie it. Cut off extra cord and burn ends.

You now have your finished bracelet. Just slip it on, slide-n-tie it and show it off!

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