Think Your Drinking Water Is Safe? Bacteria Causing Legionnaires’ Disease Discovered In Tap Water

If you think your drinking water is safe you may want to think twice. In a recent study the bacteria the causes legionnaire’s disease was present in half the tap water sampled all across the United States.

Although the test was not large, 247 samples from 68 private, and public sources were tested such as tap water coming from kitchen faucets, and public drinking water.

In the United States there are over 3,000 cases of legionellosis disease reported each year, with nearly 84 percent being caused by by the microorganism Legionella Pneumophila Serogroup.

This bacteria has been found in a variety of fresh water sources. If you are not familiar with the disease it is a particularly nasty form of pneumonia.

Symptoms may include headache, chills, high temperature, and can cause death. The study was published on Feb. 18 in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. Maybe it’s time to consider a good water filter.

In addition to legionnaire’s disease it is a fact that tap water on average contains antibiotics, birth control residue (especially in large cities), antidepressant residue, fecal matter, urine, chlorine, heavy metals, along with a host other contaminants. The video below shows you a simple, and cheap way to test your tap water.


Originally posted 2014-02-23 20:30:09.

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