How To Make An Off Grid Pocket Chainsaw That Can Cut Through a 12 Inch Log

This pocket chainsaw is a pretty clever idea, and very cheap to make. It could come in very handy in a survival situation if you couldn’t carry an ax. It’s a perfect item for your bug out bag, or you could even carry it in a shirt, or coat pocket.

It can be used by one, or two people at the same time. The pocket chainsaw is very easy to make. You need some chain that would be used for a chainsaw with about 124 Bi-directional teeth will do. You will also need a couple of screw drivers.


This pocket chainsaw is pretty powerful as well as it can cut through a log 10-12″ in diameter. It does require some muscle power, but it could really serve you well in a variety of ways.

The chain for a chainsaw costs $13-$19 which you can get at most hardware stores like home depot . Amazon has a pocket chain saw that includes the handles for around $23. To see it Click Here

Full disclosure here. Were not in the selling pocket chainsaw business, but if you click on the Amazon link above and buy one we might make a $1.50.  We’re happy if you use the info in the video and make your own.

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Originally posted 2014-04-27 19:00:43.

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