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3 Booby Traps To Protect Your Home

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Friends, patriots, deplorables, lend me your ears!

I’m about to lay it down today. No holding back from your buddy Jules Courtney over here, so if you have a weak stomach, you better just go read Buzzfeed or something more suited to you.

If you believe there are safe spaces in the world, this post is not for you. Hell, nothing I write is suitable for you. My audience are my people, my tribe. They are the rough necks, the hell raisers! We’d much rather be hunting than sitting at Starbucks, so sorry if you get offended. Its my freedom to write, and I plan to use it.

Anyways… my last few posts have covered some awesome self-defense moves. You can now take someone down in 3 seconds, and elude a gun or knife attack.

Now, it’s time to shift gears a bit (don’t worry, I’ll have more self-defense moves in later posts). It’s time you all learn how to keep your home protected from intruders.

My grand pappy used to always say, “The best offense is a great defense.” Okay, he was talking about his Dallas Cowboys (which is advice they could have used), but the concept is the same.

You can have the best offense in the world and still get clobbered. You can know and master all the awesome moves in this FREE DVD, and still get caught with your head in the sand.

Of course, it’s always great to have an alarm, but an alarm only alerts the police. Good luck holding off your intruder for the 10 minutes it’ll take them to help ya.

No, you do not need to only rely on a fancy schmancy alarm system, you need some booby traps. And I mean some badass traps, but some home alone BS.

Now I could show you traps until the country becomes great again, but I would much rather focus on my personal favorites.

Below are 3 badass booby traps that you can set up today:

  1. Tripwire

The tripwire is the most basic of booby traps, but it still has a place on the top 3 list. You should have wires at each entrance to the house, as any vulnerabilities could result in tragedy.

There are two ways to make a trip wire effective. Simply scale the wire the length of the door or window, making sure it is tight enough to trip someone hard. If you really want to get fancy, attach the wire to an alarm, such as an airhorn.

  1. The Chemical Bucket Drop

If it is hard for you to set up a trip wire in your home, then the next best thing is hands down the chemical bucket drop.

Use a bucket or old paint can and add some nasty smelling chemicals to it. Once you have your recipie of choice, position the can above the door on a floating shelf, with a wire tied to the can. Once an intruder opens the door and walks forward… SPLAT! You have yourself a very much incapacitated home invader.

  1. Pit Trap

This can be one of the most effective traps if set up correctly. Get yourself a net and loosely stake it into the ground and cover it with leaves, dirt and sticks. This is where you need to look closely to make sure it matches the surrounding area.

The pit trap is a great way to trap your intruder without killing them, and it is a sure way to make sure they can’t get away. After you taunt them a but, all that’s left is to call the boys in blue.

Next week I’ll be back on self-defense moves, but I really hope you put some of these traps into action ASAP. It’s great to know how to kick ass, but protecting your ass is also a necessity in this crazy world.

So secure your house, and meet me back here next time for some more awesome tips to protect yourself and your family!

Survive, Defend, and Prosper!

~ Jules Courtney

PS – Have you gotten this Free DVD yet? If not, you need to right now! Like, this second! Not for me, but for the safety of yourself and the ones you love. If not for them, then do it for your dog… I know I would. Click Here Now To Get Your FREE DVD


Here are a few more booby traps that are deadly. Only use in an SHTF situation

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  1. I love the ideas. Except use caution with the chemical trap, as the fumes (without proper ventilation) could be hazardous to the defender also

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