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Survive On A Rice, And Beans

3 Ways You Can Survive On A Rice, And Beans Budget…And Like It!

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If you are on a tight budget rice, and beans is what many people turn to survive. Rice, and beans are cheap to make, and have a good amount of protein, and fiber.

However eating them nearly every day can get real boring. If you are one of those who happen to be surviving this way we discovered  some tricks for making beans, and rice a little more interesting.

Here’s a rice and beans recipe we thought you would enjoy:

3 Ways You Can Survive On A Rice, And Beans Budget..And Like It!

1. Serve it in Different Forms

If you’re eating beans served over rice several times per week, I don’t blame you for being bored! Who wants to eat the same exact thing day after day? In theory, treat beans and rice like you would chicken. You wouldn’t make the same ole’ chicken recipe each time just because you’re using chicken, would you? So give these humble ingredients a bit more credit and inject some creativity into your meal plan.

Rice and beans can be served in so many different forms. So, there’s no reason to suffer through the same meal for the third time this week. Add some variety into your kitchen by trying a southwest casserole, taco soup, burritos, tacos, chili or my favorite trick of all time: stuffed peppers.

2. Add Interest with Seasonings

Don’t allow yourself to get bored if you have to serve beans and rice often out of necessity. Try different cuisines from different countries and cultures that all rely on a base of beans and rice for the recipe. Consider making creole beans, baked beans or one of the many authentic hispanic recipes that you can try.

Many cultures make their beans differently and the taste profiles vary widely. I learned how to make rice and beans from my mother, who happens to be part Puerto Rican. I often use these hispanic seasonings in my kitchen: adobo, sazon, Ranchero seasoning and sofrito. All are very inexpensive and last a long time. They’ve certainly earned their keep in my kitchen.

3. Sneak it in!

If you have a spouse that gives you the side-eye each time you serve beans and rice for the millionth time, consider being a bit more stealthy with your use of beans every now and then. Sneak it into taco meat to stretch your ground beef, add beans into soups and stews, or work it into a meal by making re-fried beans at home. You’re likely to hear fewer complaints from picky eaters if beans are simply used as an ingredient rather than the star of the dish.

To see 2 more great ways to liven up beans, and rice go to the original article at: FrugalityGal.com



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