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Bushcraft Essentials

3 Bushcraft Essentials You Need To Know.

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For those that are rather new, Bushcraft broken down to the basics is all about primitive living skills, and of course acquiring those skills.

It’s also about living off the land using the natural materials around you. Bushcraft, and survival are different. Bushcraft is about knowing how to live in your environment.

However many Bushcraft skills can be adapted for survival proposes. In this post we are going to take a look at 7 Bushcraft essentials. 3 Bushcraft Essentials You Need To Know.

1.   The Blade

The Cutting blade, the most important tool to the Bushcrafter. It is as important as the sword is to aspyderco-bushcraft-survival-knives warrior or teeth and claws are to the Lion.

A good Bushcraft blade is sturdy and light and is made from the highest quality materials with the tang running the full length of the knife.

With appropriate use, the Bushcrafter can use this blade to stab or cut to give or take life.  A Survival Knife and a Bushcraft knife has a lot of the same similarities, find out what you need to know before buying a survival knife click here.

2.  Firecraft

The ability to make fire under almost any condition is essential part of Bushcraft survival.  With How to Build a FireFirecraft there are many techniques to building a fire; a fire drill, smoldering plants and trees, sunlight, striking rock that contains iron such as flint,  and of course matches and lighters.

Firecraft in the ability to create, control, and use fire to aid in one’s survival.  Another critical skill in Bushcraft is the ability to transport fire, usually by carrying a burning coal around in some type of dry sage grass to keep it smoldering.

3.  Knots / Ropecraft

The ability to join two or more pieces of natural or man made material is a vital skill to have for Bushcraft survival.  By joining two or more pieces together, you not only increase the strength of the material but also the usability as shelter, a raft, a weapon or a sled.

To see 7 more Bushcraft essentials go to the complete article at: SurvivalCache.com


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5.3k shares, 340 points
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