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8 Homesteading Must Haves

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When you make the choice to start homesteading and build a family property that allows you to be self reliant and safe in the event of an SHTF situation, you need to be sure it meets a few check points in addition to food and water.

1-A good piece of homesteading property is number one on the checklist. It should be away from city, however not so far that it becomes a chore to access whenever you need to restock your supplies.

You should have a property that’s easy to get to, but is hidden from the eyes of the public . You need to know where it is, but not have it visible from the roadway where others might enter if there’s a disaster and they’re looking for supplies.

2- A good water supply source would be a positive addition if you can locate one. If it’s a flowing river or stream that would offer you fresh water, then you can’t beat that since water is a must for you to survive.

3-Lots of space for gardening and grazing animals is a plus. You need to figure out what kind of crops and animals you plan to raise, since some will need more space than others.

Good soil goes along with that last perk. If you’re gardening, then you don’t want to be dependent on a store to sell you bags of fertilizer to enrich the soil. You want land that’s already rich in nutrients and will help your plants thrive.

4-A system for generating your own electricity – hydro, solar, or wind would help your family survive. The running water with a drop in elevation would be good for hydro electricity. Plenty of sun for solar, and winds of at least 9-10 mph for wind-generated electricity.

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5-Formidable building supplies should be brought onto the property. Concrete is a good building supply for protection from the elements. A safe room built into the property is wise for all kinds of events. You want it to withstand weather and prevent easy entry by unwanted guests.

6-Lots of storage space is a must. You need storage space for items that can’t hold up temperature swings, like your food storage and water supplies. Outdoor storage for tools, equipment, and other items are also needed.

7-Protection from danger needs to be on your mind. Gates built around the property will help. Locks that come with doors and fences are often weak, so you may want to shore those up with something offering more protection.

Firearms and a security system with rechargeable batteries can help protect you. Fire resistant roofing material will help keep your home from burning down if you’re in a fire situation.

8-Concrete homes constructed right into the side of a mountain offer the best form of protection for the actual shelter itself. Then the property it overlooks could meet the rest of the requirements.

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3.8k shares, 325 points
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