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Achieving Your Goals Faster

4 Steps For Achieving Your Goals Faster

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What is it you’d like to accomplish. Is it to exercise more? Would you like to achieve a desired weight? Or perhaps get something done that your dreading but you know getting it done is for the best.

Maybe it’s an income goal. Chances are you’ve set goals before and didn’t follow through because the goal seems like it would take a long time.

Well, in this post you’ll learn how to complete your goals much faster with the 4 steps presented here.

 1- Clarity of your goals

Your goals should be specific, straightforward and fun. Your goal should be clear, but remain flexible in your approach. Many times when we set a goal we achieve it in a different manner than we first initially thought.

For example, if my goal is to lose weight, I may focus on eating less and exercise. However, while taking initial action towards my goal a friend or coworker might invite me to join them in an after work sports league or to start taking weekend fitness classes with them. Which was not part of the original plan. Be clear and be open. Say YES to life!


Don’t leave the scene of a decision without taking action. Once you have become clear on what you want, look at your calendar and find time to make it happen. Start off slow, be consistent and gain momentum.

3- Talk about your goal

Let your friends and family members be a part of the process. You will notice that just by talking about your goal, you become clearer and more excited!

WARNING: Remember, just because you are excited doesn’t mean anyone else will be. Part of becoming successful is being able to PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE and talking about your goal is part of the process.

In the beginning you will NOT know who will be excited and supportive of your goal, after time you will know who’s who. The one’s who are interested will be very excited to hear about your success and progress!

4- Write down and post your goal anywhere and everywhere

There are times when you will get distracted and forget about what you’re working towards. Be prepared for this. Make your goals visible and in front of you, all the time!

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5.2k shares, 339 points
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