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Tongue Tied

Are You Ever Tongue Tied At A Party, Or In A Group Situation?

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Do you ever get tongue tied at a party, or in a group situation? You seem to get stuck for an answer when someone says “hello”. Don’t fear, there’s a lot of people just like you when it comes to making small talk with people.

However there is a fast, and easy way to get over that hurdle that we wanted to share with you in this post. It’s the art of how to make small talk with strangers.

Here’s How To Get Over It

The first time you meet someone you leave a lasting impression, so this is a great skill to have when meeting others for the first time.

It’s easy to dismiss small talk as idle chit-chat, or superficial or pointless, and claim to only be interested in “real” conversation. But how do you get to the point of having a deeper conversation with someone in the first place?

Someone you just met would be weirded out if you just walked up to them and asked, “Why do you think God allows bad things to happen to good people?” Conversation is a ladder, with small talk serving as the first few rungs.

You can’t leap-frog up the ladder. That would be like trying to sprint before warming up, or cook a steak without defrosting it, or merge onto a highway without building up speed on the on-ramp, or…well you get the idea. Read more at:

Watch the video below now and start learning how to make small talk with people!



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7.4k shares, 361 points
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