Don’t Just Survive, Thrive – The Day That Turns Your Life Around

If you’ve finally had enough and want to turn your life around, this post is for you. Many times we all get stuck in a rut and feel stale. Life kind of loses it’s meaning and we just go through the motions of living.

On our blog we talk a lot about survival issues, however we feel that part of our mission statement is to make surviving life a little easier.

As preppers, and survivalists we can get caught up in all the doom, and gloom. There’s plenty of that to go around. So instead of just surviving wouldn’t it be nice thrive in your life?

If you want to go from survival mode to turning your life around we think you’ll really enjoy the video that follows by one of the all time great leaders in the field.

This is the video that could turn your life around in just 6 minutes! This is definitely worth your time no matter what it takes. You’ll find this a nice, short but great message. Take a few minutes now to watch this video.


Have You Seen The Death Crawl? Some Say This Is The Most Motivational Video They Have Ever Seen.

If you, or someone you know is in need of a little inspiration, and motivation this short video is sure to do the trick. If you happen to work with kids in youth sports in some capacity they will really enjoy this as well.

The message in the video will help you push yourself to your limits to find out what you are capable of. You can do far more than you think you can. This video is actually a short clip from the movie “Facing The Giants”.

We wanted to share this one with you because we thought it was that good.

Here’s a little inspiration for your day. As one viewer puts it “I learned that I CAN do it. The only difference is whether I WANT to or NOT.  I just gotta believe in myself more.” We hope this video helps you to accomplish that.




How To Get Your Sh** Together – The Message About Personal Responsibility Most People DON’T Want To Hear.

We are going to warn you first that this is a message that most people DON’T want to hear, or will ignore. This is a post about how to get your sh** together by using the power of pesrsonal responsibility.

When we start to take personal responsibility for our actions, decisions, and where we are in life we are on the path to getting our act together.

In this video which has received many positive comments you’ll learn how to get your life together, or make it better than you thought possible.

How To Get Your Sh** Together – The Message About Personal Responsibility Most People DON’T Want To Hear.

High performance coach and motivational legend Brendon Burchard reveals the power of personal responsibility. It’s basically an episode about how to get our sh** together by taking control of our aim, attitude, attention, affections, and actions. Lot’s of good comments on this video.



Former NFL Safety Reveals Daily Rituals To Be Great

Many people desire to be the best at what they do, however they don’t know how to prepare to be the best. Knowing how to prepare is the key to achieving success in anything you do.

Former NFL safety Bo Eason reveals his daily rituals to achieve greatness in anything you want to do. There is some great wisdom dispensed here that you will be able apply in your daily life. This is one video that you’ll be glad you took the time to watch.

Bo Eason, former NFL safety, playwright & speaker teaches you how to be The Best. Many people want to be the best, but don’t know how to prepare to be the best. Preparation is the key to success in any discipline.


Want To Be The BEST At Anything You Attempt To Do? Here’s A Powerful Technique For Accomplishing It.

One of our mission statements which appears on our Facebook page is “and those wanting to survive life a little easier.” This post fit’s into that statement, and more. We feel that what you’re about to learn will not only help to make surviving life a little easier, it will help you thrive.

How To Be The Best At Anything

Would you like to be “the best” at anything you attempt to do? We’re going to tell you that it’s entirely possible, and part of the way to accomplish that dream, or goal is in the opening question of this post.

Why is it that some people accomplish great dreams, and others fall short of what they want? In this post you are going to learn a very powerful, yet simple technique for becoming the best at anything you really desire. Use what you learn here and you’ll be on your way.

How To Be The Best

This is one of the best self improvement videos we have come across ever. It presents a very easy yet very powerful method for becoming “the best” at anything you really want. The presenter in this video is Bo Eason. Bo knows a lot about being “the best.”

He was an NFL safety, wrote what has been considered  the most powerful play of the last decade according to the New York Times. Bo also is an accomplished stage performer, as well as one of the very best public speakers.

Listen in on his talk and learn how to be “the best” at anything you really want to achieve. Watch this powerful video right now.



Got A Bad Habit You’d Like To Change Into A Good One? Try This Amazing Habit Loop Technique To End It For Good

If you have any bad habits that you’d like to get rid of you can use an amazing technique known as the habit loop. Everyone has something they do almost automatically.

Take something like putting your arm in a coat. Most everyone will put the same arm in their coat every time without thinking about it. Perhaps you are driving somewhere and you weren’t paying any attention on how to get there.

It’s a fact that many of our actions we don’t even think about.  This forms the basis of the habit loop technique.

Got A Bad Habit You’d Like To Change Into A Good One? Try This Amazing “Habit Loop” Technique To End It For Good

(The habit loop technique video is below).

The Habit Loop is sort of like a computer program — a very simple one, albeit — consisting of three parts:

  1. Cue. According to Duhigg, a cue is “a trigger that tells your brain to go into automatic mode and which habit to use.” For the mice in the MIT experiment, the cue was a “click” sound; for us a cue could be “sitting down at the computer,” or “boredom,” or “lunch time.”
  2. Routine. The routine is the activity that you perform almost automatically after you encounter the cue. A routine can be physical, mental, or emotional.
  3. Reward. The reward is what helps our “brain figure out if [a] particular loop is worth remembering for the future.” A reward can be anything. For the mice in the MIT experiment the reward was chocolate. For us it could be the feeling we get after eating a Five Guys burger, smoking a cigarette, or watching porn.

As we encounter this three-part loop over and over again, the process slowly becomes more automatic. What really cements the habit in our brain is when the Cue and the Reward work together to form powerful neurological cravings that compel us to perform the Routine. In short, cravings are the fuel for the Habit Loop. Read more about the “habit loop at:

Watch the video below now to learn the “habit loop” technique.



Why NOT To Set Goals And How They May Be Harming You.

With the start of the new year many people turn to resolutions, or goals. It’s kind of ingrained in us that if we want to get anywhere in life you have to set goals. However history is now showing us that setting goals may not be the right thing for you to do.

In fact, setting goals may be doing you more harm than good. So in this post we are going to learn why not to set goals may be a better way to goal. We know this goes contrary to everything you’ve been taught.

We ask that you bear with us as we present our case for why not to set goals. We think you’ll find this very interesting.

Why Not To Set Goals

Are S.M.A.R.T. goals ruining people’s lives? Is there a better way to think about our dreams and goals than to make them so “smart” – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound?

In this episode of The Charged Life, high performance coach and motivational legend Brendon Burchard shares how to dream big and be bold again. Watch the video below now to learn why not setting goals may be the best way to go.



Tips for living without goals

I am not going to give you a how-to manual for living without goals — that would be absurd. I can’t teach you what to do — you need to find your own path.

But I can share some things I’ve learned, in hopes that it will help you:

  • Start small. You don’t need to drastically overhaul your life in order to learn to live without goals. Just go a few hours without predetermined goals or actions. Follow your passion for those hours. Even an hour will do.
  • Grow. As you get better at this, start allowing yourself to be free for longer periods — half a day or a whole day or several days. Eventually you’ll feel confident enough to give up on certain goals and just do what you love.
  • Not just work. Giving up goals works in any area of your life. Take health and fitness: I used to have specific fitness goals, from losing weight or bodyfat to running a marathon to increasing my squat. Not anymore: now I just do it because I love it, and I have no idea where that will take me. It works brilliantly, because I always enjoy myself.
  • Let go of plans. Plans are not really different than goals. They set you on a predetermined path. But it’s incredibly difficult to let go of living with plans, especially if you’re a meticulous planner like I am. So allow yourself to plan, when you feel you need to, but slowly feel free to let go of this habit.
  • Don’t worry about mistakes. If you start setting goals, that’s OK. There are no mistakes on this journey — it’s just a learning experience. If you live without goals and end up failing, ask yourself if it’s really a failure. You only fail if you don’t get to where you wanted to go — but if you don’t have a destination in mind, there’s no failure.
  • It’s all good. No matter what path you find, no matter where you end up, it’s beautiful. There is no bad path, no bad destination. It’s only different, and different is wonderful. Don’t judge, but experience.



5 Easy Steps To Having More CONFIDENCE In Your Life

Do you want more confidence in your life? Most people lack confidence in some areas of the life. Not having confidence in what you are doing can cause you to doubt yourself even when you you know you are right. In a survival situation, or in your work life having confidence is a must. In this post your going to learn how to get it.

5 Easy Steps To Having More CONFIDENCE In Your Life

Watch this video now as Brendon Burchard shows you how to get it. Brendon is the real deal, not just some fast talker.

He walks the talk. After a car accident at 19 years old inspired him to turn his life around and follow his dreams, and then having the blessings to become a multimillionaire writer and trainer by the age of 32,

Brendon has dedicated his life to helping others find their charge and share their voice with the world.



Are You Ever Tongue Tied At A Party, Or In A Group Situation?

Do you ever get tongue tied at a party, or in a group situation? You seem to get stuck for an answer when someone says “hello”. Don’t fear, there’s a lot of people just like you when it comes to making small talk with people.

However there is a fast, and easy way to get over that hurdle that we wanted to share with you in this post. It’s the art of how to make small talk with strangers.

Here’s How To Get Over It

The first time you meet someone you leave a lasting impression, so this is a great skill to have when meeting others for the first time.

It’s easy to dismiss small talk as idle chit-chat, or superficial or pointless, and claim to only be interested in “real” conversation. But how do you get to the point of having a deeper conversation with someone in the first place?

Someone you just met would be weirded out if you just walked up to them and asked, “Why do you think God allows bad things to happen to good people?” Conversation is a ladder, with small talk serving as the first few rungs.

You can’t leap-frog up the ladder. That would be like trying to sprint before warming up, or cook a steak without defrosting it, or merge onto a highway without building up speed on the on-ramp, or…well you get the idea. Read more at:

Watch the video below now and start learning how to make small talk with people!



Got A Wimpy Voice? Here’s How You Can Develop A Manly Voice.

Sorry ladies, this is for guys, unless you know a guy who is in need of developing a manly voice. It’s a fact, that a man with a manly voice is going to get people to follow them more than someone that’s not so fortunate.

In a survival situation you may need to persuade people to take an important action. If you’ve got a voice that doesn’t command respect even though you’ve got a great idea people may be hesitant to follow you.

Same can hold true in the work place, or on the playing field. I don’t know of any NFL quarterbacks that have a shall we say a “less than manly voice”.

Some Good News About Developing A Manly Voice

The bad news is there’s not a whole lot you can do to deepen your voice a whole lot. You’re pretty much stuck with what nature has given you.

The GOOD NEWS is just because you don’t have a deep voice doesn’t mean you can develop a manly voice.

Learn how to develop a manly voice by watching this easy to follow video now. It’s easy, and fun. Your friends, and family will notice something different in you with a little practice.



Do You Know What The Great Leaders Actually DO? It May Surprise You.

Whether you’re leading a group in a survival situation, or a group at work trying to complete an important project having successful leadership skills is important.

You could have the greatest ideas, however if people don’t see you as a leader your ideas go nowhere. Is there a better way to gain influence and lead others?

In this episode of The Charged Life, filmed in one take without prompter or notes, high performance coach and motivation legend Brendon Burchard shares the six practices of effective leadership. This is great leadership training in eleven minutes.

Mystery Link


How To Get What You Want Out Of Life By Reprogramming Your Mind

Everyone one of us has certain desires, and goals. People often get frustrated because they are not accomplishing those goals, or are just not getting what they want out of life.

In the following video high performance coach and motivational speaker Brendon Burchard shares how to reprogram your mind for better and more positive thinking to get those things you want and deserve.

Brandon is someone who overcame many obstacles to get where he’s at today. He walks the walk. Go to the next page to watch the short video which is well worth you time. You’ll also want to see what a few people had to say about.

Here’s what a few people had to say about this video your about to watch.

Viewer Comments:

Laurie Millanes

 My first thought after watching this video was, “This isn’t going to work…” Then I quickly fought that thought and instead thought, “This will work! I’m going to make it work!” I’m really hoping that it does help me think more positive 🙂


 Got my day off to a great start Brendon, I really appreciate the effort you put into this to help us all better our lives. Keep up the great work!


About Brendon Burchard:

After a car accident at 19 years old inspired him to turn his life around and follow his dreams, and then having the blessings to become a multimillionaire writer and trainer by the age of 32.

Brendon has dedicated his life to helping others find their charge and share their voice with the world. He is now one of the most in-demand motivational speakers and high performance coaches in the world. This video was filmed in one take, without any notes or prompter,



4 Steps For Achieving Your Goals Faster

What is it you’d like to accomplish. Is it to exercise more? Would you like to achieve a desired weight? Or perhaps get something done that your dreading but you know getting it done is for the best.

Maybe it’s an income goal. Chances are you’ve set goals before and didn’t follow through because the goal seems like it would take a long time.

Well, in this post you’ll learn how to complete your goals much faster with the 4 steps presented here.

 1- Clarity of your goals

Your goals should be specific, straightforward and fun. Your goal should be clear, but remain flexible in your approach. Many times when we set a goal we achieve it in a different manner than we first initially thought.

For example, if my goal is to lose weight, I may focus on eating less and exercise. However, while taking initial action towards my goal a friend or coworker might invite me to join them in an after work sports league or to start taking weekend fitness classes with them. Which was not part of the original plan. Be clear and be open. Say YES to life!


Don’t leave the scene of a decision without taking action. Once you have become clear on what you want, look at your calendar and find time to make it happen. Start off slow, be consistent and gain momentum.

3- Talk about your goal

Let your friends and family members be a part of the process. You will notice that just by talking about your goal, you become clearer and more excited!

WARNING: Remember, just because you are excited doesn’t mean anyone else will be. Part of becoming successful is being able to PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE and talking about your goal is part of the process.

In the beginning you will NOT know who will be excited and supportive of your goal, after time you will know who’s who. The one’s who are interested will be very excited to hear about your success and progress!

4- Write down and post your goal anywhere and everywhere

There are times when you will get distracted and forget about what you’re working towards. Be prepared for this. Make your goals visible and in front of you, all the time!

To see the next 5 steps to achieving your goals faster please go to the complete article at: