3 Self Defense Tips Against Multiple Attackers

Below is the true story of NASCAR driver Mike Wallace and the brutal attack he and his family suffered. Had he known the 3 self defense tips below the outcome may have been different.

NASCAR driver Mike Wallace lay there unconscious.

But NOT by a car crash during one of his races.

While walking his wife and daughter to their car after a Rascal Flatts concert, 57 y.o. Wallace and his family were brutally attacked by 3 drunken men (and even their female family members) for no reason at all.

As he was struck and lay there knocked out on the ground, Mike didn’t feel the continued kicks to his face by his aggressors.

…he didn’t hear or feel his daughter pleading and screaming as she tried covering his body in an attempt to save his life from the thugs…

…and he couldn’t protect her as they turned their attacks on her – kicking her in the ribs.

What would YOU do if ambushed with your family by multiple attackers?

Wallace told his story of the brutal beat-down:

“They tell me the attack was about 15 minutes from start to the finish. I only remember the first few seconds of it. When I woke up, I see my daughter laying on the ground, which is devastating to a father. That’s the worst thing in the world.”

Mike wasn’t some martial arts expert… and even if he’d had a gun, there was no time to draw a weapon before he was struck by the 3 men.

At that moment of the attack, the only thing standing between the 3 adrenaline-charged drunks and his wife and daughter… was him… his hands… and the skill to destroy three men before they could send them all to the hospital – or worse. Make sure to see the 3 self defense tips below the following video.

Here are 3 self defense tips against multiple attackers should YOU ever come face to face with multiple attackers and no way out…

1. Don’t Fight All Your Attackers At Once

Only in Jackie Chan movies can someone punch or kick 2 guys at the same time.

When in hand-to-hand fight against multiple aggressors, you should only fight one person at a time.

That’s not always the “leader” of the group (like some martial arts gurus say).

It may be the one whose guard is down and closest to you – allowing you to…

2. Take Your Target Out Quickly

You don’t want to be locked up with any one attacker for more than 1 or 2 strikes.

Any more than that and you can bet that his buddies are going to eventually get in a solid shot or take you to the ground for a brutal beat-down.

“Punching” (like most people do)… or trying some fancy “mixed martial arts” move to take them to the ground… will only work against you.

You need to use equally brutal moves that will completely take the guy in front of you out of the fight for good.

Seeing their friend gagging, screaming, or unconscious on the ground may be enough to stop the others in their tracks.

But if not, you’re at least down 1 less attacker… and ready to use the same moves on the next idiot stupid enough to mess with you…

3. Train Those You Love To Protect Themselves

This is typically the hardest thing to accomplish, isn’t it?

Maybe your spouse and kids don’t have the same “survival mind-set” you do… or maybe they (and you) don’t think they’re strong enough to defend themselves.

The fact is, you don’t have to be big and strong to completely destroy a man even twice your size.

In fact, there are moves so simple… so devastating… and so easy to learn, that Wallace’s daughter may have even been able to fight back herself instead of laying on top of her father and begging for mercy.

If you want to know what these simple-yet-brutal self-defense moves are, then I highly suggest you grab this “street-fight” DVD a friend of mine is giving away for free…

It’s sad to think you can’t even go to a fun concert, dinner, or a movie without having to worry about being ambushed with your family.

But these are the cold hard facts you must face now.

You shouldn’t live in fear – for yourself or for those you love – and knowing you have the ability to destroy any man with your bare hands is what gives you the confidence to walk anywhere without fear.

Click here to get your FREE street self defense tips DVD sent to you – master just a few of these brutal, life-saving moves… then show them to those you love the most so you’ll know they’re protected even if you’re not there to save them!

The Second Animal Home Invasion Criminals Fear Most

In speaking with convicted home invasion criminals, research shows that they fear 2 animals over everything else…

The first is of course dogs. That’s no surprise.

A Doberman, Rottweiler or German Shepherd are badass guard dogs and will give any home invader a fight for his life… but their large size can also make them more difficult to handle on a daily basis.

Even smaller, yappy, scrappy dogs can be effective as “early warning devices” lurking outside your home and even after an intruder breaks in, can delay an attack by biting an invader’s lower legs and ankles.

But It’s The 2nd “Animal” That Violent Home Invasion Criminals Are MOST Afraid Of…

You don’t necessarily need a linebacker of a canine to protect you in your home because there’s one more animal criminals fear even more…

… an armed homeowner!

Yes, YOU are what home invasion criminals fear most.

Of course, that means…

1. You need to be armed

2. You need to know how to respond tactically to a home invasion

There’s a lot more to it than just owning a gun.

Knowing how to set up your home (interior and exterior) in order to give yourself the tactical advantage…

… as well as how to deal with things like escaping from handcuffs if you’re ambushed and taken prisoner…

…and even how to save your family members if they’re taken hostage in another room.

These are all things you won’t learn down at the range, right?

You can learn all the “dirty tricks” to defeating home invaders here

Don’t get too comfortable just because you think you’re armed and ready.

Your tactics are far more important than the model of gun you choose and the ammo you stick in it.

Talk Soon~Jason

The New Survival Rule Of 3’s

The survival rule of 3’s can come in handy in a wilderness or urban survival situation. Many people will have heard of some of these rules especially the first five.

However, there are many more to consider. Here are 36 survival rule of 3’s. If you have any other ideas please add them to the comment section below.

For your convenience, I’ve added links to posts that go into more depth on each of the items listed below.

Also, check this out:

The New Survival Rule Of 3’s:

3 minutes without Oxygen
3 hours without shelter
3 days without water
3 weeks without food
3 months without hope
3 fire making tools needed
3 cutting tools

cowboys survival rule of 3's
3 is best 2 is 1 and 1 is none
3 different materials for the tinder bundle
3 ways to get warm fast
3 feet of debris on debris hut
3×putting leaves on shelter+pressing them
3 fists high of compressed leaves in a shelter
3 main concerns with first aid. (A.B.C.)
3 liters of water a day for the adult male
3300 calories per day for adult active male
3 days of calories from raccoon-sized animal
3 weeks of calories from bear or dear

 S.A.R. duration (72 hours)
30 minute maximum between hydrating
3 signal fires
3 ways to signal for help
3 blasts from a gun
3 flashes 3 times S.O.S. …- – -…
3 degrees either way from 37degrees =danger
3 types of shelter to know how to build
3 ways to start a fire

survival rule of 3's
3× the wood you thought was enough for the night
3 hours to build the typical emergency shelter
3:00 is a.good time to Start Emerg camp/fire
3 ways to procure water
3 fists to the sun for an idea of sunlight
3 knots at least. But know them REALLY Well
3 requirements for fire. Fuel Oxygen Heat
3000 degrees C temp of sparks from Firesteel
3 Layers of clothes for cold weather.


How To Wipe Out Any Attacker Using Your Mind (weird)

If I were to ask you, “What’s your #1 weapon in a close quarters
combat attack?”, what would you say?

Your fists?

What if I told you that you possess a weapon many times more
powerful and mastering it can mean the difference between life
and death in a violent attack?

I’m talking about….

How To Wipe out Any Attacker – With Your MIND!

hells angel

I know that sounds impossible, but if this is probably the #1
thing I find people struggling with when it comes to how to
survive a real-world violent attack.

You see, most people faced with a hostile encounter, instantly go
into a “defensive” mindset.

They think…

“If this guy punches me, how will I block it?”

Now, if you were to take a traditional martial arts class, you
might learn specific blocks for specific attacks.

Up block… down block… cross block… “X” block…
monkey ninja death block…

All “b.s” if you ask me!

Look… the LAST thing you want to be doing in an attack is
thinking about what strike your assailant will be throwing at you
and which block you’re going to pull out of your “arsenal” to
counter his attack.

THINKING will make you hesitate…

…Hesitation could get you KILLED!

The object of close quarters combat is NOT to react to your
attacker, but to make your attacker react to YOU…even if HE is
the first one to throw a strike!

In other words, as soon as you feel your safety is in undeniable
jeopardy…you should have already had your first target picked
out and be halfway down that scumbag’s throat!

Your ability to make that mental switch – that 100% commitment
that YOU will control the outcome of an attack regardless of WHO
throws the first punch, is your most powerful weapon you possess
against the violent thugs of today.

Of course, when you’re facing a much bigger, stronger attacker,
you had damn well better make that shot count, right?

Just hauling off and belting him in the face isn’t going to do
you much good if he has a neck like a Rottweiller.

But there are a few simple moves that will topple even a giant
badass thug.

My buddy Jeff put them all on a free DVD you can get here..

He made this DVD free because for years, the #1 question he was asked is “How can I defend myself against someone twice my size?”

Forget “defending yourself”… the best defense is a kickass “offense”.

These moves have never failed me.

Just go to this special web page and tell us where to send your DVD.

Talk Soon~Jason

The REAL Way To Escape From Zip Ties

One of the most critical “collapse” skills is to master your ability to escape from a variety of restraints.

There are any number or reasons you could find yourself bound and gagged – helpless to protect yourself and your family.

It could be from a home invasion where you’re tied up while criminals rob your home (or worse – subject your family to all sorts of brutal acts.

It could be an ambush kidnapping where you or your spouse is knocked unconscious and stuffed into the trunk of a car – transported to your “final” destination

It could even be a wide-scale round-up of “at risk” civilians during martial law.

This is why you should always hide at least one means of escaping from restraints in your “everyday carry survival gear” (EDC), my buddy, Jeff talks about in his book titled Collapse Survival Secrets

One of the restraints commonly used are plastic “zip ties” because they’re easy to tie you up with… yet almost impossible for 99% of the people out there to escape from.

escape from zip ties

But we can be the 1%. 🙂

Here’s How To REALLY Escape From Zip Tie Restraints…

First, you’re going to find lots of tips on how to escape from zip ties all over the internet, like…

-Swinging your hands forcibly down from your head to your stomach to snap the clasp

-Biting through the plastic

-Hanging from the top of a door with your hands over your head to leverage a break

But here’s the problem with these escape methods…

All the ones I’ve seen have your hands bound in FRONT of you.

Now let me ask you… if YOU were going to tie someone up to truly immobilize them, would you tie their hands in front of them so they could easily grab a frying pan and crush your melon?

I don’t think so.

The real question is how do you escape from zip ties when your hands are BEHIND you and you don’t have the mobility to do all those fancy schmancy leverage breaks.

Well, if you’re carrying the 27 “covert” survival EDC items Jeff tells you to, you can break out of zip ties even with your hands behind your back.

For example, in this guide Jeff advises you should switch out your current shoelaces for 550 paracord (which comes in every color imaginable).

-Now, when your hands are zip-tied behind you, reach down with your bound hands and untie one (or both) of your shoes.

-Loop one of the laces up through the zip-ties and retie it in a square knot to the other shoe lace.

(Note: it’s best to tie the very end of one shoelace to a spot about halfway down the end of the other lace. This makes sure the knot isn’t at the very center of the now connected laces. You’ll see why next…)

-Your paracord laces should now be looped through the inside of your zip-ties near your wrists.

-Next, raise your body up so that your cuffs are pulling hard against the paracord as your laces tighten up.

– Now with a short back and forth motion of your hands, “rub” the cuffs against the taut paracord in one single spot in a super-fast speed, creating friction between the cord and the cuffs.

Within a short time, you’ll have burned through enough of the plastic to twist your wrists, using leverage to break through the rest of the cuffs and escape!

For more tips like these visit Collapse Survival Secrets.

Talk Soon~Jason

Cool Gun Training Tip You Can Use

In this post, you’ll learn a really cool little known gun training tip. (It’s about halfway down this page). Most people will find this statistic pretty shocking…The FBI Uniform Crime Report reveals that most shootings – about 80% – occur in low-light environments (such as a dark parking lot or in your home at night). I guess it makes sense, right?

I mean, yes – criminals ARE scumbags… but they’re at least smart enough to target you under the cover of darkness when it’s easier to ambush without the fear of being seen (or shot). So let me ask you – if you have an 80% chance of being forced to defend yourself and your family in the dark…… what percentage of YOUR firearms training time are you devoting to “low-light shooting”?

I’m guessing it’s probably NOT 80%, right? Well, you’re not alone. One of the obstacles most people face is that most live-fire gun ranges don’t want to turn down the lights because most shooters aren’t looking to practice low-light shooting.

Instead, most people who go to the range are doing “target practice”, under optimal conditions of high visibility… a non-moving target… not being shot at… and all the time in the world to get that 1″ shot group so they can brag to their buddies.

Frankly, no matter how many rounds you send down the shooting lane, these ranges are failing miserably at preparing you for a real life-or-death gunfight by not allowing shooters to be in a dimly lit environment.

Here’s a cool gun training tip you can use…

One way you can overcome your gun-ranges limitation is to bring a pair of really dark sunglasses with you. In fact, I bought a pair of “flip-up” attachable sunglasses lenses to put over another cheap pair of wrap-around sunglasses so I could easily flip them down for a really, really dark environment at the range.

With your sunglasses on (especially with my “double-lens trick”), you can create a simulated low-light tactical scenario for more realistic live-fire training at ANY range.

Now this will help a lot, but the bottom line truth is that the key to surviving a deadly gunfight is to train as close to “the real thing” as you possibly can, right? Unfortunately, even with sunglasses, you’re not going to get that kind of training down at your local gun range.

It’s not going to allow you to practice things like…

Moving around your home

Navigating obstacles (like furniture)

“Shoot-don’t shoot” decision-making

Low-light room clearing

Moving and shooting with a flashlight


So even live-fire ranges are going to limit you on how effectively you can prepare for a real attack, right? Well that’s exactly why my buddy Jeff created these 67 gun-training drills you can do at home

These show you how to train real-life shooting scenarios IN YOUR HOME for the most realistic training possible. Most tactical courses can run you about $150 to $1,000 (or more), but the truth is, you don’t need to pay these kinds of prices to get a realistic training setup.

All you have to do is look at these 67 “budget-conscious” gun training tactics Click Here To See Them they compiled and you can get nearly as good training (in most cases even BETTER!) for a fraction of the cost. I promise it will transform your tactical firearms training forever!

Talk Soon~Jason

3 Tips For Surviving A Terrorist Attack In Large Crowds

Have you ever noticed at big events like the World Series, someone else is watching the fans?

Spread throughout the rafters and for blocks around the stadium, several snipers keep watch with rifles locked and loaded.

In addition, DHS has military Black Hawk helicopters circling the stadium to enforce a 10-mile “no-fly zone”… missle packed F-16 jets are on standby… and armored BearCat vehicles were hidden from view, awaiting the command to swoop down on an attempted Boston Bombing-like attack.

In addition, new “spy technology” allows officers to scan social media… watch more than 500 security cameras at once… and scan license plates.

Like I always say… if the government is prepping for an attack or collapse, shouldn’t you?


terrorist attack

Look, I’m not saying that I (totally) disapprove of all the added security measures.

I mean, the Boston Marathon bombing showed us that it’s not just the foreign extremists who want to send us all to Hell.

And that’s why we “prep” in the first place, right? To be ready for any threat… anytime… anywhere.

In fact, we had nearly 5,000 fellow survivalists attend a special workshop to share their best survival tips for any type of a “collapse” or civil panic.

Best Collapse Tips =>

Here are a few they came up with that could you and your loved ones if you’re ever caught in a terrorist or other public attack…

Here Are 3 “Counterterror” Attack Tips To Protect Yourself At Crowded Events…

Tip # 18 – How to save your life…from space!

A simple automobile GPS could be your best friend in an emergency. Either in your car or removed for hand-held operation, it can navigate you to the nearest hospital or police station for aid as well as show you the way out of a chaotic city

-Adapted by submission from Jim in Ocala

Tip #131 – A new perspective on emergencies

Whenever possible, get “above” an emergency situation. The thing you use to gain altitude could be a tree, a roof access ladder, a fire escape, or other means of gaining altitude. Many people will simply forget to look UP in an emergency, which means they’ll pass right by you. Being up above the action means you have a better chance of spotting real trouble before it can get to you and more easily identify an escape route away from the chaos.

-Submitted by Angelo, Eugene

Tip #134 – Low-tech survival training anyone can do

You may not think of running as survival training, but take it up now. If you can run a mile every day, you can put a mile between you and the emergency. This increases your chances of survival dramatically. Gradually building up the strength and endurance to run a mile every day will make you stronger and more fit and healthy overall, which also improves your chances.

-Submitted by John, S.F., CA

All it takes is one single survival skill you’ve picked up from your research to mean the difference between life and death in a crisis or attack.

Always be on the lookout for life-saving survival tips and make it a habit to try to pick up just one single strategy each and every day.

See 250 More Tips Here

Jason~The Good Survivalist

How To Make A Stealth “Urban Survival Shelter” From A Picnic Table

In this post, you’ll find a neat trick for making a stealth urban survival shelter from a picnic table along with some other survival tips

In any collapse or disaster, there could be a time where you’re forced to spend the night “on the street” in an urban environment.

Maybe it’s because you’ve been displaced from your home and don’t want to sleep with the unprepared “zombies” at the FEMA center…

… or you’ve entered the city seeking resupply or medical attention…

… or even just passing through on the way to a secondary safe-zone.

In any event, you’ll need to find a safe place to sleep that will protect you from both the weather… and the human threat that may be lurking in the shadows.

For example, one of the ways to find temporary shelter in the city is to look for a park that has some picnic tables set up.

After it turns dark, find a table that’s at least partially camouflaged near some shrubs (or move it there).

If you have something waterproof (it can be as simple as a 55 gallon black plastic bag), pin it underneath the table to keep out any rain… hold in some warmth… and to help hide you from passers-by (just make sure it’s pinned UNDER the table – on top will look too obvious).

Talk Soon~Jason

P.S. – These are the types of simple collapse survival tips that can help you stay alive no matter what environment you’re forced into.

A while back, there was a special “online summit” meeting held and attended by about 5,000 fellow survivalists who shared their best survival tips for when the sh*t hits the fan and the world around you crumbles.

You will find 250 hand-picked best collapse survival tips here by an expert survivalist:

Click Here To See It

Any one of these could be a life-saver.

3 Savage Home Invasion Lies

No one ever expects to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of their bedroom door being kicked in.

No one expects it.

But one woman was prepared for it.

I was very pleased to see this story of a woman in Chattanooga, TN who shot at two men who broke into her bedroom in the middle of the night. She retrieved her gun, shot at them, and frightened them off.

However, not everyone is as prepared as this woman was and…

Here’s The Brutal Truth About Home Invasions

Home Invaders Are Unlike Other Criminals

You might think that if a criminal is in your home, he wants to avoid you as much as you want to avoid him.

He probably just wants to grab your TV and get out of there, right?

The fact was these two guys weren’t avoiding the woman in this story.

They were searching for her.

They knocked in her LOCKED bedroom door and if she hadn’t heard them – if the door hadn’t been locked – if she hadn’t been ready for them – she would have woken up to a hand over her mouth and two men in her bed.

Who wants to bet they weren’t after the TV?

Home Invasions Aren’t A “City Thing”

A lot of people think home invasions only happen in crime-plagued urban areas.

But this woman’s home was in a secluded area where neighbors wouldn’t see them and wouldn’t hear her screams.

The fact is, the more isolated your home is… the better a target it is.

When Seconds Count, The Cops Are Minutes Away

Of course, call 911 first (if you can).

But when an attacker is breaking down your door, it’s just you against your attackers.

Owning a gun isn’t enough.

It’s knowing what to do in those first critical seconds that can mean the difference between life… or a home invader’s thrill of rape, torture or death.

Are You Prepared For A Home Invasion?

If this story worries you, it should.

What you do in those first critical seconds when you find someone in your home can mean the difference between life and death.

They can mean the difference between scaring the criminals off right away, or being caught in a horrific tale of rape, torture, or worse.

Don’t believe these 3 home invasion lies:

1-nothing could happen to us in our nice community

2-the neighbors will call the police

3-the police would come to save me

Facing the brutal facts will protect your family.

No one expects a home invasion.

I hope it never happens to you.

But if, God forbid, it ever does… I want you to be prepared. My friend Jeff wrote a whole book on Home Defense Tactics that includes tips like these and many more that could save your life. You can get instant access here.


How To Train To “Fight Back” If You’re Hit Really Hard In A Street Fight

As you’ll can see from this video a hard shot to the head can completely disorient you – at least momentarily – making it much more difficult to fight back.

But not impossible…

Here’s How To Train To “Fight Back” If You’re Hit Really Hard In A Street Fight.

If your attacker gets in a “lucky blow” (or even if it’s a no-warning “knockout game attack”), you can expect to temporarily feel dizziness, nausea, and potential fainting.

Any of these factors will put you and your loved ones at risk as your aggressor takes advantage of your weakened state by following up with an even more vicious attack.

Your goal in this dangerous scenario is to program your mind to respond OFFENSIVELY, rather than just giving up and taking your beating.

Sure, that’s a lot to ask of your brain after just getting clocked with a hay-maker, but it’s a necessity if you ever hope to regain the advantage in the fight and turn the tables on your attacker!

Fortunately, here’s a simple, yet powerful, training tip to help you both familiarize yourself with this disoriented condition…and learn how to fight your way out of it!

Give this one a try!

Street Fight Training Drill: Sucker Punch Counterattack!

– Supplies: A baseball bat and something to hit HARD. Preferably it’s a padded training partner, but even a B.O.B. training dummy, heavy boxing bag, or even a few pillows duct taped around a cellar post will work very well.)

– Stand about 6 feet in front of your trainer/equipment with the bottom of the baseball bat on the floor and the handle facing straight up in a vertical position.

– Next, bend over while holding onto the baseball bat handle and place your forehead onto the top of the baseball bat.

– In this position, without moving the bat, spin your body around the bat 10 times as fast as you can while keeping your forehead on the top of the handle.

– Once you’ve circled the bat 10 times, you’ll be dizzy and completely disoriented…the perfect time to launch your attack as aggressively as possible on your padded training partner or equipment.

(Note: if you ARE using a training partner, while you’re attacking back, have them continue to strike you with padded fists to help simulate a real fight scenario as much as possible.)

– Don’t worry too much about technique at this point. Your goal is to do “something”…ANYTHING to avoid giving your attacker an easy target to pound away on. Just unleash!

– As you’re training, become aware of how long it takes you to regain enough mental clarity, to be more precise with your targeting, and to choose more effective striking options that can utilize more power.

Now here’s the thing…

In a disoriented state, any “fancy” self-defense moves are going to be super hard to pull off.

That’s why the #1 move in my buddy Jeff’s free street-fighting DVD requires no thinking… no strength… no real “training”… and yet will take a 300lb thug right off his feet. (I’ve done it!)

Your counterattack MUST be that simple and powerful!

If it’s not, you’re only setting yourself up for a beat-down you may not recover from because your strikes won’t have any effect.

Give this simple training drill a try and use the techniques in Jeff’s free street fighting DVD to give you the “weapons” to fight back and survive!

The Winner Of The Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris Real Fight

According to all those that cast their votes in the Bruce Lee vs  Chuck Norris real fight scenario, it’s a lopsided win for one of the fighters. A few people gave some pretty good resons why they felt their guy would win.

In the post Who Would Win In A Real Fight…Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris? I showed you 2 videos, one of each fighter to help you make a decision. I’d like to bring up a few of things before I tell you who the winner would be.

First of all we have to look at the question “who would win in a REAL fight?” I’m not talking about a fight in the ring, but a real street fight. Second, the videos showed each one fighting in a controlled situation.

Next, there are some things that most of you don’t know about the fighters. Let’s take a look at some of those things. We’ll start with height and weight, the tale of the tapes so to speak.


Bruce Lee                                                          Chuck Norris

Height: 5 feet 7 inches                                          Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weight: 140 pounds                                              Weight: 170-180

If you search the Internet you can find sources that say Chuck is 5’10”. I was around him a fair amount and even had the privilege of doing some demonstrations with him. To say he is 5′ 10″ is fudging it a bit. I’m confident to go with the 5′ 9″  measurement.

As for the weight I’d have to say 170 pounds might be his weight now. In his prime, I’d estimate his weight at closer to 180 pounds. Back in the day Chuck was a thick barrel-chested very strong guy.  Since I never met Bruce all I can do is to go with what I’ve read. Facts seem to support him being a wire strong 135-140.

Mental Make Up And Other Attributes

Bruce Lee-Great thinker and strategist with outstanding physical conditioning. Lighting fast, and packed a powerful punch for his size. Studied several different martial arts as well as grappling before developing Jeet Kune Do.

Chuck Norris-Let me say this about Chuck since I was well acquainted with him. He was always a gentleman and genuinely a nice guy outside the ring. He had an iron will as a fighter with a refuse to lose attitude.

Chuck was VERY strong and powerful. I once saw him knock down a good sized guy with a sidekick while the guy was holding a heavy bag steady for him. The guy had his weight up against the bag to support it. Chuck does a lunging sidekick that knocked the guy down on his rear end.

Chuck was very fast although not as fast as Bruce. What Chuck had was an incredible sense of timing (knowing just when to throw a punch or kick).

What many of you may not know is that Chuck was a military guy, and studied more than just karate. He not only studied several forms of karate but also studied grappling with the one and only Judo Gene LeBell. Bruce also studied with Judo Gene.

Here’s a quote from Gene ” Bruce Lee and I didn’t agree on everything. For example, I’ve always been a believer in bobbing and weaving to avoid an opponent’s punches — instead of blocking with your hands.

Bruce’s theory was to block a punch and then strike back with your open hand or fist. My point of view was that if you can avoid absorbing blows in a match or a fight, and then come in with offensive moves, you’ll live a lot longer”.

Here’s My Take On Who Wins A REAL Fight Between Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

The fight begins with Bruce in his Jeet Kune Do stance with little body movement. Chuck is circling Bruce feeling him out. Bruce’s Jjeet Kund Do style teaches to counter attack. Chuck knows this so he throws a few feints to which Bruce reacts to slightly.

Chuck attacks with feint right hand  jab. Bruce starts to counter with his lead hand in classical Jeet Kund Do style. However Chuck before pulling his jab back all the way shoots it out again at Bruce’s right shoulder which neutralizes a counterattack by Bruce’s front hand. Chuck follows with a foot sweep of Bruce’s front ankle. He follows that up with a powerful right hand to Bruce’s rib cage.

Bruce is hurt! He took a punch that would have finished off most fighters. Due to his conditioning though Bruce is hurt but continues.  Bruce changes to a southpaw stance to protect his injured ribs. Bruce immediately fires a left jab followed by a sidekick. Both are lightning fast.

The jab connects and draws blood, the sidekick connects as well but it’s to close to do any real damage. Chuck attacks again this time with roundhouse kick at Bruce’s knee followed with a double leg takedown.

The two crash down to the pavement with Chuck on top. Bruce’s head hits the concrete and had the wind knocked out of him as well. Chuck is mounted over him and quickly fires a punch to Bruce’s ribs that were injured earlier followed by an elbow smash which ends it! Winner is Chuck Norris.

Analysis-Chuck was just too strong, and timing to good for Bruce to overcome those things in a REAL fight. Due to his military training, Chuck was the tougher of the two in a street fight and could absorb more punishment than Bruce.

Sorry to disappoint all you Bruce Lee fans but Chuck was the real deal and to tough a guy for Bruce in a real fight. I will say that IF the fight took place under a points system Bruce may have had an edge.

Some of you may point to a video where Chuck said Bruce was the better of the two. However, that is Chuck being Chuck. A gentleman who you didn’t want to mess with.

I know a number of you may disagree with my decision. I base it on what I saw Chuck do in person and from being around him for a few years as one of his instructors. I look forward to your comments below.


Who Would Win In A Real Fight…Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris?

Alright everyone, thought I’d stir up a little controversy here. Some of you know that I Jason The Good Survivalist used to work for Chuck Norris back in the day. Yeah, that really dates me, but so what.

What you might find interesting is that I can answer most any question as it relates to Chuck. I thought you might also find interesting in who I think would win in a real fight, Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris.

My answer might surprise you. I’d like you to weigh in on this as well in the comment section below. Let everyone know who you think would win in a Bruce vs Chuck real fight, and why.

To help you along in making a decision I’m including 2 videos, one of Bruce Lee, and the other of Chuck Norris so you can compare the two.

These are two really old videos that don’t do either one real justice, but it does give you some idea of their technique. Watch them both, then comment below. Before you give your answer remember the question, who would win in a REAL fight?

Bruce Lee Video:

Chuck Norris Video:

6 Essential Pandemic Preparedness Tips

It’s about the time of year where people start to talk about pandemics. In this article we will discuss 6 pandemic preparedness tips, and how to determine if there is a real threat or not.

Many survivalists prepare for natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, etc. However, the idea of a pandemic doesn’t really cross most people’s minds until one is in full bloom.

The world has endured many pandemics such as the HIV epidemic, smallpox, tuberculosis and the Black Death that killed over 75 million people. Just 20 years ago, there was the SARS virus, that had the world gripped in a panic. Recently we’ve had to deal with the bird flu, and Ebola.

Pandemics are viral or bacterial infections that at their worst, spread fast and are easily transmitted . This is what makes them potentially deadly. As a prepper,pandemic preparedness is a must.

Many scientists claim we’re overdue for a pandemic of some kind. The influenza virus changes, or mutates very easily, and it could be the cause of the next pandemic. There is a strong possibility of this happening.

As a prepper, or survivalist you need to be cognizant of just how dangerous a pandemic can be. Below, you’ll find a list of questions that will help you decide how severe it is and how you should respond.

1. Has it happened before?

If the pandemic has happened in the past, most probably there will be treatments available to treat the problem. So, it’s still safe. If it’s a new pandemic, it’s high risk.

2. Is it current, and is it spreading?

If the pandemic is currently happening, then it’s a high risk. This is especially true if its spreading across borders. If the pandemic is isolated and contained in one location, that’s a much safer situation.

3. Can it be treated easily?

In other words, there should be a cure for it. If the pandemic has no cure and doctors are scrambling to create a vaccine or find a cure, then it’s highly dangerous.

4. What’s the death rate?

The moment someone dies from a pandemic, then it’s a life or death matter. The severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) that happened years ago claimed several lives. That made it a very dangerous problem.
With globalization and easy air travel, a pandemic can cross borders easily and in no time at all.

5. Can it be spread easily?

Ease of transmission will dictate just how far the pandemic spreads. If it’s air borne, then it’s very high risk. Diseases like AIDS which require transmission of bodily fluids are much lower risk because you have control over the transmission.
If it’s spread through the air we breathe, or by touch, or in the water we drink, that will really escalate things.

6. Will it mutate?

If the virus is able to mutate, that will make it even more difficult to find a cure or vaccine for it. At the very least, it will take time. So, this factor increases the risk of the disease.

So, what should you do when there’s a pandemic?

Depending on the factors above, if you’re self-sufficient, the best thing that you can do is stay away from other people. If you’re stuck in a closed population, for example, a hotel or apartment block, make sure there is good ventilation.

People will chronic illnesses, the very young children and the elderly, will usually be the most badly affected because of their weaker immune system. Morning sunlight, herbal steams and herbal soups will help to loosen any mucus in the body.

Honestly, there’s only so much you can do. In a pandemic occurs, isolation is the best defense… but that will require lots of supplies and preparation. Pandemic preparedness is something you need to take seriously.

6 Situational Awareness Self Defense Tips For Staying Safe On The Streets

Developing situational awareness is vital for self defense and staying safe on the streets, especially when you are in unfamiliar areas.

Developing and practicing situational awareness could mean the difference between avoiding a bad situation, or having to defend yourself, or your family. The best self defense you can learn is how to avoid a bad situation.

Situational awareness means simply being aware of your surroundings at a ALL TIMES! It’s easy to lose track, and not be aware of what’s going on around you when you are having a good time. 

During times of a crisis such as a natural disaster, riot, the streets are not the place you want to be. When people are in a frenzy trying to get food or other supplies, things can go bad in a hurry.

Your best tip here is to not be out on the streets during those times. Prepare ahead of time for crisis situations.

The following 6 tips will help you to stay safe on the streets. Please remember to always practice the power of situational awareness. It’s your best chance for staying safe.

NOTE: Please watch the video below in its entirety for some important situational tips

1-Minimize risks

Know where you’re going and get there fast, and leave fast. Now is not the time to park your car one block away from the mall just so that you can get some exercise. Know your route and get the job done quickly, and get home.

If you’re in unfamiliar areas, always try to have a map with you. Avoid trouble spots that are hot zones of violent activities. Some areas will always be more dangerous.

Avoid wearing jewelry, or carrying too much cash with you. Always wear proper running shoes so that you can run off if things go sideways. It’s best to cross roads at intersections rather than use quiet and lonely underpasses.

If you feel like someone is following you, step into the nearest shop and ask for help or call the police. If there is no shop around, walk to the closest police station or mall where there’s security and you can get help.

2-Be confident

Always appear confident and bold even if you’re quaking in your boots. Criminals are often looking for easy prey and wish to do crimes of opportunity so that they can get away with easy pickings.

A woman who looks like she’ll put up a fight, or a man who looks like he could make, Chuck Norris cry will not be suitable targets for them. If you are cornered, and the criminals ask for your belongings, just toss your purse or wallet on the ground.

This will give you an opportunity to escape. Do not struggle or get violent. They may have a knife or gun and things could get very ugly.


3-Avoid gangs of youngsters

It’s always best to avoid groups of youngsters who seem to be loitering or congregating for no reason. They may be bored or up to some mischief or another. Mob mentality can set in and crimes can escalate real fast.

Many horrific crimes and even murders, have been committed by youngsters who were in groups. After getting apprehended, several of them had no clue why they behaved that way. Bad energy is contagious, and everyone gets carried away in the heat of the moment. So, avoid placing yourself in such situations.

4-Carry a stun gun or other weapon

A weapon will always give you an edge in an altercation. It could be a firearm, pepper spray, a stun gun, a tactical dagger, etc. It’s best to have one on you at all times to put the odds in your favor.

Learn to use what you carry, and practice often so that you’re quick on the draw and accurate. During a high stress situation, adrenaline will be pumping through you and your motor skills will be compromised. If you’ve practiced enough, your training will kick in and save the day.

5-Always face oncoming traffic

It’s always best to face oncoming traffic when walking along the side of a road. This will prevent snatch thefts, kidnappings, etc.

6-Think of situations that could possibly come up and be prepared for them

Creating situations in your mind and how to avoid them is a great way to practice situational awareness. If you have a family you can play “what if this were to happen games” and discussing the possible solutions.

Remember these tips whenever you’re out in the street. Even during peaceful times, crime can occur. There are victims daily. Being alert and on guard will ensure that you’re not one of them. Stay sharp.

Top 7 Food Storage Tips For Preppers And Survivalists

Knowing these food storage tips will come in handy in a an emergency. Especially if you are a new prepper, or survivalist. Keep in mind you don’t have to use all these food storage at once. The main goal is to get started doing something, and this list will help you to do just that

One of the first thoughts that crosses most people’s minds during times of crisis is food. They wonder if they have enough food at home to last through the crisis and in most cases they don’t, because prepping for emergencies is not the norm. So, they start rushing to the grocery store to grab whatever food that they think they’ll need.

3 problems can arise here. In one situation, you just may not have access to the mall. Roads may be closed down or inaccessible due to inclement weather. Another more common problem is that the mall itself may be closed since most employees are huddled at home. Then of course, if the mall is open, you may discover that the shelves are empty and most of the items you need are gone.

long term food storage tips

All scenarios are common and should highlight the importance of storing your own food just to weather any emergency for a few days. In this article, you’ll be given 8 useful tips to storing food for most emergencies. As long as you stick to them, you should be fine.

1. 30 Day Food Storage Goal
Ideally, you want to shoot for a goal of having enough food that will last you for 30 days. While this may seem like a lot, it is a good amount to aim for.

You can get through most situations and emergencies with 30 days worth of food. Only the worst disasters will you need more food than that. If that’s the situation, by then there will be some sort of food aid provided by F.E.M.A. or other authorities such as Red Cross

Please be aware that when storing your food, you should take into account the needs of all family members and make sure you have sufficient supplies to cover the entire family. If you have pets, you need to store food for them too.

2. Rotate your food
When storing your food, place the newest stores at the back and the older stores in front. If there’s a crisis, ensure that you consume the older food stores first.

Video: Long Term Food Storage Tips

It’s a good idea to have a record book to monitor when you purchased the food and the expiry dates. This will make it much easier to track your stores.

3. Store food correctly
Your food stores should be tightly sealed and not exposed to heat and rodents. Ensure that your stores are in a cool and dry environment,

4. Store foods you enjoy
Ideally, the food you store should be what your family and you enjoy eating and are also nutritious. It’s a good idea to also stock some comfort foods like chocolate, canned fruit, etc. During emergencies, these foods will lift your spirits and give you an emotional ‘break’ from the stress of the situation.

5. Consume the food you have stored
Keep track of your food stocks and consume them when they’re close to the expiration date. Replace the food as soon as possible. In this way, not only will you prevent waste but your food supplies will not have expired without your knowledge.

6. Know what foods to store
Some foods like milk, bread and eggs do not have a long shelf life. Storing them will be a chore. You should focus on freeze dried foods, canned food, uncooked rice, flour, meals ready to eat (MREs) and other foods that have a longer shelf life and contain the nutrients you need.

You may want to think about getting food that can be chilled or frozen but there is always the possibility that your home may experience a power outage during a crisis and you’ll need to quickly consume the food in the refrigerator before they start rotting.

7. Utensils and paper plates
This is one of the food storage tips not many people consider. During an emergency, you’ll want to conserve water. Use disposable plastic utensils and paper plates instead. Do remember to have trash bags stored too.

Bonus Tip- Spices and other condiments
Do remember to store ingredients and sauces used to flavor your food. In the event that you want to cook, having spices, sauces and salt can make a world of difference in how your food tastes. There’s no need to suffer bland meals during a crisis.

The 8 food storage tips above are just reaching the tip of the iceberg, but they’re a great place to begin. Just the fact that you’re getting prepared for any possible emergency makes you that much more prepared to deal with whatever may come your way. Learn as much as you can about prepping and apply what you learn.


Are You Prepared For Anything?

And How Was your weekend? Finally figured out what to do over the weekend. Ended up taking a little day trip to the world famous Venice Beach Canals and boardwalk. The canals are stunningly beautiful If you are ever in California it’s a must visit place.

If you want to see it but can’t get there do a YouTube search for “Venice beach canals”. The first result is outstanding.

Stay With Me Here

This little day trip of mine does have a prepping and survival message. Part 2 of the day trip was a visit to the Venice beach boardwalk (you can You Tube search that as well).

It’s a crowded, crazy place, but a lot of fun. Many different kinds of people. Perfect weather. This got me thinking “what would I do if something bad were to happen?” Terrorist attack, a couple of guys wanting to relieve me of my money, or my wife, etc. You can create 100’s of scenarios. All of which led me to the topic of:

Are You Prepared For Anything?

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself?

If stores run of food, if the banks shut down, if the power goes out, Are you prepared? What would you do if there were riots or civil unrest in your town or city? What if the grid goes down for weeks or longer?

Would would you do if there’s no water? If disease was raging out of control? These things are taking place here, today in the good ole USA.. Puerto Rico, Houston,and the Florida Keys are prime examples.

The reality is America is getting more dangerous every day.The proof is on your TV every night. To expect the Government to be able to handle every emergency is simply not realistic.

Think back the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland. Did things get better, or worse when the Feds showed up? I’m not blaming them, it’s just the way it happened. We have readers in other countries who face the same issues.


Bottom Line

Being prepared for anything can be the difference between living and dying. Don’t leave you, or your family’s survival dependent on anyone but yourself. The Government can’t do it all.

There is a pretty good guide titled” The Family Survival Course” that is worth
taking a look at. It takes things a lot further than just survival food. A few things covered include:

*How 300 bucks can get you 44 foods that will have you satisfied, nourished, and happy as a clam, no matter how long the food shortages last. And…

*How to survive and thrive in an urban warfare situation. When the bullets start to fly in your neighborhood (they always do in a food shortage), you’ll thank everything holy that you had these no hold bar tactics in your corner.

Also covered:

* How to keep police and military OUT of your home, even if they’ve got an evacuation order.

*Think of the lifetime nightmares you’ll save your children when you know this simple tactic. And:

*How to NEVER find yourself in a government breadline.

*How to exploit a living source of the world’s best water…100% free for life.

*All this is covered plus a whole lot more. Click Here Now to check out the guide.

At The Very Least

Ask yourself the question are you prepared for anything? Then do yourself a favor if you don’t want the guide. Start to go through this post and take action on the points we addressed today.

Remember, if you are prepared you have no need to fear.

The Instant Knockout Technique For Self Defense

The instant knockout technique will knockout any size attacker with one well placed blow. It’s a great tool to have in your bag of self defense techniques

Many people will tell you to aim for the jaw, but that is not a good idea for several reasons. Some attackers can take a pretty good shot and come back for more.

In that situation you could be in real trouble. Another reason to NOT aim for the jaw, or face is you may miss and end up with teeth in your knuckles.

You could be in danger of a serious bacterial infection. Some attackers are pretty good at covering that area, or lowering their heads so they can take a punch on the forehead causing you to break your hand and not have the ability to land anymore strikes.

The instant knockout technique will allow you to knockout an attacker without having to worry about any of those things. Better yet, you don’t need to have Superman, or Superwoman strength to execute the technique.

For most people it is better to use open hands such as a palm strike, or other part of your hand in a street fight. You want attack soft targets, which is where the instant knockout technique comes in.

Part one of the instant knockout technique you’ll learn exactly where you want to land your strike, and why striking this particular area works so well.

You will also learn 3 ways to apply the technique in an actual self defense situation. Like anything you should practice this technique in to become proficient at it. It is simple, yet highly effective.

One caution, when practicing the instant knockout technique: be careful to not injure your partner by striking the area shown in the video. Only use this technique if your life is on the line, as it could be deadly.




6 Life Saving Rules For Surviving A Serious Street Fight

The rules for a serious street fight, or attack (if there are such things) have changed over the years. In the past guys would just stand and duke it out with each other until one couldn’t continue.

In this outstanding video military contractor Doug Marcaida discusses the 6 rules you must consider for surviving a serious street fight.

Times have changed drastically for whatever reason, and a street can be a life, or death situation. Nowadays in a street fight you have to be prepared for anything.

You have to expect the unexpected. Someone may pull out a knife, or chain, or possibly a gun among other things.

The person you are fighting may have friends who will jump into the fight, so you need to be prepared for the worst and do whatever it takes to end the fight fast, or get out of the situation as quickly as possible.

street fight

Another thing to consider in a street fight is that everyone involved may get arrested and go to jail. So make sure to get out of there fast even if you are the victim.

With that being said, you must be able to do whatever is necessary to protect yourself and your family. There’s an old saying “I’d rather face 12 jurors than 6 pallbearers”.

Reason Why There Is No Such Thing As a Fair Street Fight

Expert Author Paul Baker

Fighting fair?

Why do people expect that street fighters will fight fair? In my experience, no one fights fair outside a martial art tournament, and all bodyguards need to learn this fact fast.

Why street fighters aren’t fair

First off, they clearly weren’t taught the rules of fighting in the first place. It is common sense that anyone fighting without using a style or technique, has not been taught the ‘rules’ so to speak.

1. They are Brawlers not technical

Because street fighters have no techniques they rely on any application of force that will have immediate effects to end the fight as quickly as possible. This results in basic instinct type street fighting with assaults aimed wildly at groins and heads.

2. Try to win before getting hit back

This is commonly called a ‘king hit’ type attack when the street fighter wants to initiate the assault with a surprise or sudden attack on your head. Usually used with an object for maximum effect. In my experience this is often a beer bottle when in clubs, as a weaker foe tries to ambush the stronger threat with a blitz attack.

They do this because they feel the opponent would beat them in a fair fight, so resort to unfair attacks.

3. First blood often wins

In most serious fights, the first person to have a wound that bleeds will lose the psychological and physical battle. This is why street fighters try and inflict the first cut no matter how it is achieved. I have seen small razors hidden in clothing designed to slash a face or arm and start bleeding to make the victim end the fight early and seek treatment.

A trained fighter is expecting to be injured in a real fight and will continue until the threat is stopped before seeking treatment. A street fighter thinks you are like them and will retreat the moment you are cut.

4. Movies & Games are not real

Trained fighters know that the fight scenes in movies don’t really work that way and understand how to control the adrenaline that rushes in during a fight.

The street fighter has no training, but has seen lots of fight scenes. So the moment adrenalin kicks in, fine motor skills disappear, leaving the street fighter with only the movie techniques to rely on.

The street fighter thinks kicking a person in the groin will end the fight. In most cases, this doesn’t happen as the kick is ill-timed or the victim can absorb the pain briefly and defend themselves quickly.

5. Fighting is the very last resort

Trained fighters know the effects of real techniques and understand the risk of serious injury from getting into a fight on the streets.

A street fighter has no real understanding of the results of being in a fight, are often intoxicated when they start one, and driven by social peer pressure to win.

With no command of their intelligent responses and lack of trained moves it is no surprise that they will not fight fair. In their mind, to win is the important thing and if they are too lazy to go to training they will take shortcuts.

This is why there is increasing use of knives being used in street fights. They need to restore the balance of power between untrained fighters with low self confidence against people they feel intimidated by.

If you find yourself in a street fight, the odds are that the attacker is not trained and will be carrying some form of power balance object. This is because trained fighters are not likely to start the fight with you in the first place.

Information supplied by Paul Baker

Over twenty years of business development & change management strategies successfully used in National organisations across Australia. The focus is on continuous improvement of business systems to stimulate growth through our principles of Initiate, Inspire, Innovate.

Customer-centric focus using our extensive experience in consumer behavior and business process operations to find ways to help business owners manage their organizations.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Paul_Baker/236967

Quick And Easy Short Term Survival Shelters

In an emergency situation, you need to have survival shelters that will keep you safe from whatever the weather throws your way.

It could be anything from the scorching sun beating down on you or a torrential rain, you need to be protected, and knowing about different ways to construct survival shelters may help you to survive.

The survival shelters you make will depend on what resources are available to you. If you can plan ahead, this is always the best possible way to make sure you and your family will have the right shelter that you need.

Most survivalists know how to make long term survival shelters, however when you’re on the go or you have to get set up fast, you have to be provided for in the short term. In a pinch, you can use a large poncho as a shelter.

However this is only a short term solution. You can also use a large garbage bag like you would a poncho. You should always consider traveling with some kind of shelter with you or have the tools to make one quickly.

A waterproof tarp will also work for as a short term shelter and these are strong enough to withstand some pretty harsh weather and they can do a reasonably good job of keeping you warm. However, they’re not good as a long term shelter.

Some preppers and survivalists use enclosed top portable hammocks. These are lightweight and can be tied to trees to keep the hammocks off the ground.

You can find these online and they have mesh walls that act as a pest barrier. These shelters are temporary and are suited mainly for adults or teenagers but are not meant for smaller children.

If you want to make sure that your family is well taken care of, you’re going to want to set aside some tents. You can select tube tents as they set up fast and get people out of the bad weather.

You can also buy a two man or a family tent. Always look for ones with a quick and easy set up. Scout tents are a good choice as are teepee tents. If you know you might be in the tent for a few weeks, you can look for dome or lodge tents.

With a little planning, and knowledge of the various survival shelters you have at your disposal you’ll be able to protect yourself and family while others are not so fortunate.

A survival blanket can also be constructed into a temporary lean to if you have cord with you. If you don’t have any cording, you can search the area to see if it has some plant vines you could use as cording to tie the survival blanket to the trees.

You can construct a shelter out of the materials that nature provides. Depending on how much time you have, this can be either short or long term. You can build a shelter from tree limbs and leaves. By packing the shelter with leaves, it will keep you warm for a short period of time.

5 Survival Tips That Could Mean The Difference Between Living Or Dying

The following survival tips may seem pretty basic, but they could save your life. Believe it or not it’s the experienced hiker, camper, or survivalist that often runs into trouble when heading out alone.

They can have a false sense of security because of their knowledge, or feel they are familiar with the terrain they’re heading to.

Always plan ahead and plan as if you are heading out alone for the first time. Use the following survival tips as basic guidelines for each outing at the very least.

1-Let and family know your plans. Not doing so can be a tragic mistake. Tell 3 or 4 friends and family members where you are going and the time of your expected return. They will no you are missing faster should you not return as expected.

2-Sharpen your fire making skills. You need to be able to control your body heat, obtain water, and at some point find food. Having a source of fire can help you do all three.

There are a number of low cost fire starting tools such as fire laces. As a source of tinder carry some cotton balls soaked in Vaseline (petroleum jelly).

3-Water is critical. Your life depends on it, more so than food. You can survive much longer without food than water.

Consider investing in a Lifestraw or similar water filtration device. At around $20 it could be a literal life saver.

4-Portable shelter. This could be something as basic as a poncho, tarp, or mylar space blanket. Make
sure you also carry at least 50 to 100 feet 550 paracord. It’s very light and does not take up much space

5-Outfit yourself correctly. Is it going to be hot, cold, or possibly both? Be sure you’ve got all your bases covered here.

These survival tips are not meant to be the only things you need to do, but they will go a long way in helping to keep you out of harms way.

{Video: 5 Outdoor Survival Tips}

8 Firearm And Ammo Storage Tips Every Prepper Should Know


Firearm and ammo storage is critical. You want to set put aside a stockpile of ammo and firearms because you may not be able to buy them in an SHTF scenario. Firearm and ammo storage is just as important as any of your supplies.

While you might think that ammo is too durable to get damaged, it’s not true. There are some things that can cause ammo to break down. That’s why it’s important to know how to store your firearms and ammo properly.

Below are 8 firearm and ammo storage tips. Make sure to watch the video below.

1-Heat is one of the things that is destructive for ammo. When ammo is exposed to high temperatures, over time, the powder begins to deteriorate and ammo that’s gone bad is no good to you when you need it.

You have to keep in mind that metal expands in high temperatures. So, to keep it safe from that breakdown that’s caused by heat, store all of your ammo in a dry location. You want to store it in the original container that it comes in.

2-Slide the original container down inside another container that’s airtight and seal it up. Some preppers choose to use those surplus military ammo containers while other preppers use a dehumidifier where their ammo is stored.

3-You can also use moisture absorbers like those silica gel packs. If kept away from the heat and other things that cause the ammo to break down, you can expect your ammo to last you at least 10 years or longer.

Moister is another problem with ammo. The moisture can wreak havoc with the ammo and can lead to misfires if used. Humidity is one of the causes of moisture damaging ammunition.

4-You want to keep the humidity level in the storage area as low as you possibly can. If you drop ammunition in water and then immediately use it, you won’t have a problem. It’s long term exposure to moisture that you have to worry about.

{Video: Firearm And Ammo Storage}

5-Light is a third thing that can damage ammo. You want to make sure that you keep your ammo stored in a dark place – away from light – especially sunlight since sunlight can cause temperature variances.

6-You want to follow the same rules for storing your firearms that you use for storing your ammo. Keep your firearms away from heat, moisture and light as well. Years ago, soldiers used to hide weapons.

7-Some preppers hide firearms beneath the ground in airtight, waterproof containers that are sealed in protective padding and wrapping and many years later, those firearms still work beautifully.

8-There are laws that govern the stockpiling of ammo and weapons so you want to make sure that you follow the laws for your state. For example, some of the laws prohibit people from stockpiling too much of either weapons or ammunition.

Check out laws referring to ‘stockpiling of weapons’ or ‘stockpiling of ammo.’ In some cities, you have to have permits if you want to store a lot of ammo and weapons.

Then again, some people ignore this completely or store their weapons across many cities or states to be gathered in the event of an emergency.


Top 10 Homesteading Chicken Coop Tips

Having a chicken coop on your homestead can yield many benefits. Just as a cow can give you beef and milk, a chicken has a has two benefits as well – eggs and meat.

Here are 10 tips to consider if you are plan on adding a chicken coop to your homestead.

1-You can either build your own chicken coop from scratch or purchase them in a pre made kit from an online source. Some farming supply companies near you may even have them already put together for you.

2-You can construct a portable chicken coop or a permanent one. You might want a moveable small one to use in case you have to bug out and set up camp somewhere, and a permanent structure for a homesteading situation.

3-Some of the chicken coops may also be used as rabbit hutches, if you plan to raise both rabbits and chickens for food sources. But make sure you keep them separate, even if they’re adjacent to one another.

4-Be sure sure that your chickens are well guarded. How would you feel getting up one day to find out that a predator has gotten into your chicken coop and had eaten all of your chickens.

5-Consider building your chicken coop slightly elevated off the ground and slanted to protect your chickens from snakes and other predators. Panel some of the walls so that they can gain access to your chickens.

6-You may want to allow your chickens the freedom to roam on the flat land. You can do this and use solar powered electric charges on the fence to deter predators from trying to attack. A fake owl can also serve as a sort of scarecrow to keep hawks away.

7-You can get or build a chicken coop with more than one level. It should have a roosting bar and a nesting box inside. Try to make cleaning a cinch – preferably with a removable pan that you can take out, spray, and put back in.

8-A lot of chicken coops you can buy are made of fir wood. You want the design to be sturdy and roomy, and the coop to be formidable to keep out predators. It should be able to stand up against bad weather.

9-Your chickens will need a healthy amount of air circulation, so make sure that’s a prominent feature in your design. You can download plans from the Internet if you want to build it yourself, and read reviews from consumers before you buy a pre made one.

10-Some of the pre made designs aren’t foolproof with protecting your chickens. A basic latch can be flipped by a smart opossum or other predator, so you may have to make alterations to ensure the safety of your flock.

Free And Cheap Off Grid Power Options For Preppers And Survivalists

When people make the choice to become preppers and live off grid, there are a number of off grid power options to think about due to the loss of electricity.

But going off the grid is the most important component of self sufficient living.
Just because you’re living off the grid – it doesn’t mean you have to go without power completely.

Here we are going to discover some free and off grid power options for preppers, and survivalists.

We all know batteries are too expensive to store – unless you have rechargeable batteries with solar powered chargers.

One thing you should consider is to buy any gadgets that don’t require electricity at all, like hand crank radios, etc. But there are other options you can consider – such as solar, wind and water generated power.

Solar power is the most common option that people think of when they consider moving from a dependency on an electric company. Solar panels can be pricey, but they quickly pay you back for your investment.

You can cook with solar ovens, charge your electronics with solar-powdered gadgets, and do just about anything that you would normally use with paid electricity. You can either buy solar panels or make them yourself.

Be careful about some of the crude do it yourself tutorials. You want things to work on a budget, but you don’t want to put your family at risk with a set up that endangers anyone.

One option, depending on the property and its water resources, is to create a hydro-power system. You have to have a stream or river flowing nearby that has a nice drop in elevation for it to work properly.

Wind power is another option. You can install wind turbines that will generate electricity, but you need to live in an area that consistently delivers wind speeds around 9-10 miles per hour for it to work.

With all of these options, you have choices that range between crude, low power producing products and extravagant products that leave you carefree and fully secure with a working system.

One thing that each homesteading family needs to do is determine how much power they really need. You’ll want to cut down on your electric usage – unplug appliances when not in use, turn off lights, etc.

Then you can better choose among the viable options you have to deliver enough power to provide for your family.

If possible, be sure you have several options on your homestead so that if there’s not a lot of rain, or the water flow gets plugged up, or the wind dies down, you won’t be left in the dark.

How To Get And Store Antibiotics Without A Prescription For When SHTF

In this post we will discuss how to get and store antibiotics without a prescription, and how to do it legally. Illnesses don’t care about SHTF. They’ll keep charging right at you whether or not you’re in an emergency situation.

Not many people realize that when disasters strike, they won’t have access to the same level of medical care or prescriptions.

You need to start now and learn how to get and store antibiotics for an emergency. There are are several antibiotics you want to make sure you have in your bug out bag, or emergency kit.

The most important antibiotics are: sulfamethoxazole (400mg), amoxicillin (both the 250 as well as the 500 mg), metronidazole (250 mg), ciprofloxacin (store these in both the 250 and the 500 mg), ampicillin (again, both the 250 and the 500 mg), cephalexin (250 and 500 mg) and doxycycline in 100 mg.

If you are dealing with a recurring illness – especially if you have a compromised immune system – you may might be able to talk to your doctor about ordering a few months’ worth of antibiotics from your mail order pharmacy.

You’ll want to get and store antibiotics in as big as quantities as possible for looming disasters. So…what do you do if you can’t get all of the medication you desire?

You can do what some other preppers are doing and buy the equivalent of human antibiotics right off the shelf in your local veterinarian’s office and you don’t need a prescription to get this medication.

There are some medications that are prescribed to animals that are the same ones that are given to people. Amoxicillin can be found under the name fish-mox forte. The bottle evenly clearly labels itself as amoxicillin. Doxycycline can be found as bird biotic.

Don’t throw out antibiotics just because the date on them has expired. This date doesn’t mean that if it’s after that time, that all of a sudden the medication is no longer good.

All manufacturers are required by law to place a date on the medication. Most medications can last a couple of years past that use by date. But in order for them to be viable, you have to store them properly.

When it comes to keeping antibiotics, heat can render an antibiotic useless. So you don’t want to store them in heat or anywhere that moisture can be an issue.

So that means you don’t want to store your antibiotics in your bug out bag if your bug out bag isn’t kept in a cool place.

The best way to store antibiotics is in the freezer. You want to seal them up first with a vacuum seal. The lower temperatures keeps the medicine from breaking down the way they would if stored at room temperature or warmer.

Storing antibiotics is something every prepper need to get started on right away. Don’t get caught short!

10 Top Wilderness Survival Shelters

When SHTF, you have to have a survival shelter that’s going to keep you safe from harm whatever the weather delivers.

It could be the sun beating down on you or a powerful thunderstorm, whatever the case may be you need to be protected and so does your family.

Your survival shelter will depend on what kind materials are available to you. If you can plan ahead, this is always the best possible way to make sure you and your family will have the right shelter that you need.


Most survivalists know how to make a long term survival shelter, but when SHTF or you have to get set up quickly, you have to be provided for in the meantime. If you have limited time, you can use an oversized poncho.

However this is a short term solution. You can also use a large garbage bag like you would a poncho. You should always travel with some type of shelter with you or have the tools to make one quickly.

A waterproof tarp will also work for a temporary shelter and these are strong enough to withstand some pretty tough elements and they can do a fairly good job of keeping you warm.

However, they’re not good as a long term shelter.

Some people use enclosed top portable hammocks. These are lightweight and can be tied to trees to keep the hammocks off the ground. You can find these online and they have mesh walls that act as a pest barrier.

These shelters are temporary and are suited mainly for adults or teenagers rather than smaller children.
If you want to make sure that your family is well cared for, you’re going to want to set aside tents.

You can choose the tube tents and these set up quickly and get people out of the elements.
You can choose a two man or a family tent. Always look for ones with quick set up.

Scout tents are a good choice as are teepee tents. If you know you might be in the tent for a few weeks, you can look for dome or lodge tents.

A survival blanket can also be constructed into a temporary lean to if you have cord with you. If you don’t have any cording, you can search the area to see if it has some plant vines you could use as cording to tie the survival blanket to the trees.

You can construct a shelter out of the materials that nature provides. Depending on how much time you have, this can be either short or long term.

You can build a shelter from tree limbs and leaves. By packing the shelter with leaves, it will keep you warm for a short period of time.

How To Protect Against Large Animal Attacks


I’m back at it again peeps, ready to spit more knowledge for ya. I’d like to jump back into self-defense after last week’s break.  So far we have gone over the 3 Second Take Down, and how to defend against a gun or knife attack.

There is only one downfall to these methods… not all attackers are human. I know a lot of my readers either live off the land, or at least hunt as often as possible, so I thought this post was absolutely necessary.

Most of you know that not all animals are warm and cuddly creatures. Some are downright vicious… approach them the wrong way, and you could end up being a nice 3 course meal (instead of the 3 course meal you were going to make them!)

Some might disagree with me. I’ve had many folks come up to me saying animals need a chance, and we shouldn’t fear them. “Jules, what about their rights?”

Well snowflake, when a Grizzly Bear is 5 feet from you, smoke coming out of its nose and something that looks like blood dripping from its mouth… I think the so called “chance” you want to give them is already over. Please, don’t make me puke with that nonsense.

These creatures are much different than us. When a person is attacking you, they usually aren’t 1,000 Lbs with claws that can rip open a big rig tank.

You need to be prepared every time you go into the woods, because the police aren’t going to be able to help you, nor will anyone hear you cry for help.

When faced with a possible large animal attack, remember the following:

• Keep your distance. Nothing says “I’m a threat” more to a wild animal than getting to close to it.

• Do not run, as this will trigger an attack response. Animals perceive fear as weakness. Showing fear by running instantly shows them you are an easy meal. So never, EVER, turn your back on the animal.

• Never lose your footing. If you end up on the ground, you may be done for. In this instance, find whatever you can to fight back.

• Banging together pots and pans, or other loud noises can scare away large predators. If you don’t have anything to make noise, wave your arms in the air and scream as loud as possible. Remember, animals can be scared off too, so don’t forget to stand your ground and make some noise!

• Stand your ground. For animals, such as cougars and mountain lions, appearing larger than them will scare it off. This makes standing your ground even more important.

I can’t tell you how many times these simple tips have saved my life. Many people I know, including great friends, have been severely injured out in the woods because they didn’t follow the most effective methods to escape an enraged animal.

By following the techniques I have laid out for you today, you can ensure your safety at home or when camping. Remember, survival is the ultimate goal, so if you have to put the attacker down, don’t think twice.

I know my friends on the left won’t like this kind of talk, but as a fellow survivalist, it is my duty to make sure you and your family stay safe when enjoying our beautiful outdoors.

Defend, Survive, and Prosper!

~ Jules Courtney

PS – I can’t emphasize enough how important these past few posts have been! If you skipped any, I HIGHLY encourage you to go back and read each one. Dangers lurk anywhere and everywhere, so make sure you are prepared!

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How To Defend Against A Gun That’s Pointed At You From Up Close

Jules Courtney here again, and I’m here to talk about guns. I love guns. Guns are one of the greatest inventions ever. Period. Without my Ruger, that 10-point buck wouldn’t be staring at me while I type this for ya.

This country was built on guns, and the right to bear ‘em, and I don’t plan on letting anyone say differently. Unfortunately, this is not the reason for this article.

Guns can also be used for some terrible things. Between getting robbed or the insane amount of mass shootings happening, it is more important than even to have the ability to defend yourself from one.

This being said, you should only disarm someone if you are certain they will shoot you. So what do you do when you’re walking down the street and someone jumps out at you with a gun pointed at you?

I’ve got some key moves to show you below:

  1.     Make every effort to make sure the gun isn’t pointed at you.

My gramps used to say, “A gun that isn’t pointed at you can’t kill you.” When faced with an attacker, the first thing you should do is grab their arm at the wrist and spin it away. Twist hard, don’t be scared to hurt them. While you have their arm twisted, give a hard kick to their shin to get their mind off of the gun.

  1.     Use that energy to throw them down

You’ve got their arm twisted hard now, but don’t stop there my friend. This is where you can look like the movies.

Use that energy you have created by twisting their arm around you as you face away from where they are, and flip the gunman to the ground. It sounds hard, but trust me, with the amount of force you can generate, this is easier than you think.

  1.     Grab the gun from their hand if they still have it

Okay, you’ve got them stunned on the ground. Now you need to disarm this jerk. Twist as hard as you can to the right until you hear it pop.

This will give you a split second to grab their firearm and will keep you safe. Remember, the most dangerous part of this entire scenario is the gun, so once that is out of the picture, the worst is over.

This is the most important part, as taking the gun from them is the only way to level the playing field. If you aren’t able to wrestle it away, it can result in them maintaining control of the gun.

This scenario is a dangerous one, so I highly recommend practicing as much as possible. Even a tough guy like myself practices these moves daily.

If you are really itching to learn some state of the art moves, and don’t want to wait on my future posts, you can check out this free DVD to learn what I use every day.

You won’t regret it, and c’mon, its FREE!

Get it here to get started.

This could be the difference in protecting your family from an intruder, or protecting yourself from a mugging. The world is getting crazier, so don’t get left behind!

Defend, Survive, and Prosper!

~ Jules Courtney

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How To Survive A Knife Attack

Dear Patriot,

By now I’m sure you have mastered the 3 Second Take Down. If you don’t know what that is, you need to read my previous post before going any further.

In this post, I want to build off my last one to include what to do when your attacker has a knife.

Let’s face it… in just the past few weeks, several stabbings have taken place. A knife attack can be just as dangerous, or even more dangerous, than a shooting.

If you watch the news (which I recommend you don’t watch some of the “ahem” mainstream ones), you’ll see images of stabbings happening all over the country and world. Hell, there was one in Portland a couple of days before this post!

When a potential mugger comes at you with a knife, it gets up close and personal. It can be uncomfortable to think about. Being ready for a knife attack is much more mental than one might think, and this scares people.

But not anymore, my brothers and sisters!

I’m going to teach you how to elude an attack, and put that aggressor down for the count.

Now, there are two ways this can go.

  1. You get away as fast as possible, or a “flight” response
  2. You do whatever it takes to neutralize the threat, or the “fight” response.

Humans are wired in the fight or flight response mechanism, so it’s up to you to judge which response is necessary.

If you think you can take this guy on, then this article is going to ensure you will win this fight.

There are 4 steps to surviving a knife fight, so pay very close attention below. The steps listed are supposed to be all one motion, so when practicing them, be sure to do it as such.

Surviving A Knife Attack:


  • Controlling The Threat


To gain control in this situation, you absolutely must control your time and space. The more space you have, the more time you have to react. This is how you gain control over your opponent, and will give you the most opportunities to fight back.


  • Redirect The Knife Hand


This should be the first thing you do once you have figured out your timing. The attack is going to come quickly, so make sure you keep an eye on the hand with the knife. When it happens, you can deflect him with a quick slap to his forearm or the back of his hand.


  • Strike At Their Throat


Once you have neutralized the knife momentarily, the next move is to go for a weak area. My personal favorite, like I said the 3 Second Take Down, is the throat. A hard strike to the throat will damage the attacker’s trachea, making it hard for them to breathe.

Make sure you are close enough to strike before you try this. If they aren’t close enough, don’t be afraid to move in. About an arms width away is the perfect distance. Once you are close enough, use your elbow or forearm, preferably the elbow. The elbow is solid bone, so one strike with it and you’re sure to have this commie gasping for breath.

This blow should come immediately after you have swatted away the knife hand. It should be a fluid motion, swat, and BAM! They will be stunned, and the upper hand will be yours to execute the next move.


  • Hit Them Where It Hurts


Assuming your attacker is a male, a kick to the good ole crown jewels is sure to incapacitate them. A knee to the groin will stop even the most experienced navy seal, so don’t be scared to really put some effort into it. If they are arm’s length away, use your shin bone instead.

A kick to this area will have your attacker doubled over in pain, and since they already have a disrupted trachea, there will be almost no way they will get back up. Be sure to evaluate where the knife is. Although the attacker will be stunned from these two blows, the knife will still be a deadly factor.


  • Get Away Clean


Even though it looks cool in the movies, you don’t need to go full on karate kid once you have the attacker doubled over. Unless you have a gun on you, the best option here is to get away as fast as possible and call the good ole boys in blue. I hope you are a supporter of Blue Lives Matter, because you’re going to want the police there as fast as possible.

This method can work for anyone, and in this crazy world we live in, it may be your best bet to survive. It doesn’t matter if you are a total newbie when it comes to this stuff, it can work for anyone.

You don’t have to walk around scared anymore, like the media wants you to be.

They want you to be scared so you’ll watch them more. It’s how they work. Most of the population is at the mercy of their nightly news anchor.

But not you!

Now, you have the power to go out and know you can take down anything, or anyone, that comes your way.

My next post is going to really amp you up, so be ready for it! In the meantime, if you can’t wait, I still recommend you get this free DVD “Defeat Larger Attackers.” This DVD is revolutionary, and will teach you how to go up against the most violent criminals in the world and win every time!

You’re so much stronger than you think, and this DVD will ensure you can find their weaknesses and take them down. Hey, it’s worked for me, I watch it almost every day!

Amp up your game here

Defend, Survive, and Prosper!

~ Jules Courtney

PS – The world is against people like us, the strong willed, the patriots, the deplorables. Make sure you have the ability to protect yourself from anything, with or without a weapon. This is how you survive!

How To Take Down Any Attacker In 3 Seconds (or less)

Hey soldier, Jules Courtney here again. In my last post, I warned you about the top 5 mistakes that can get you killed by a bully. Well, sometimes you just can’t avoid an attack.

What will you do when some thug comes at you for no reason, or if you happen to run into some of those crazy protestors (you know who I mean). Maybe they think you’re someone else, or maybe they don’t like your hat.

Well look hot stuff, we all like to think we can handle our own, but having a plan in mind is what makes the difference in these situations.

This post may save your life, or at least make you look cool if anyone asks if you can fight. Seriously though, the techniques I am going to share with you today, and over the next few posts, are key to surviving an attack. So put down your issue of Field and Stream, and get ready to kick some ass!

When it comes to defending yourself, there is more to it than just kicking the guy between the legs (although this does work most of the time). When you’re in a confrontation, you only have a second to take this ruffian down.

This is no time to think about what to do. Before they have gained control of you, you must do everything you can to hit them where it hurts, and quickly.

Ending the fight as fast as possible gives you the best chance to win, or at least get away. To do this, every single punch or kick you throw should he delivered to the weakest or most vulnerable areas of your assailant. Your strikes should be able to immobilize your attacker as fast as possible.

Okay, I think you’re ready for the 3 second take down. You’re going to love this, so pay attention!

The 3 Second Take Down

The first area of attack: the eyes. A quick eye gouge immediately gives you the upper hand. If they can’t see you, they can’t hit you. Don’t be scared to go Three Stooges style. If you don’t know what that means, then you should probably not be reading this blog.

After you have effectively blinded them, your next move is a swift palm to the nose. While this won’t totally immobilize them, it may be enough to cause them to retreat. A precise strike to the nose will cause an insane amount of pain.

So now that we have them blinded them and given them the bloodiest nose possible, the last move is attacking the throat. The throat is my personal favorite point of attack (and Mcgruber’s too for all you fans). When going for the throat, there are two areas you should focus on:

  1.     The Adam’s Apple – A strike to the Adam’s apple can cause the attacker’s airway to collapse. You better make sure this guy is coming for you, because this can kill someone. I’m not talking from personal experience, but it can be lethal.
  2.     The second area would be where your throat meets your collar bone. When you jab your fingers here, you temporarily cause your opponent to lose their breath.

What I have told you today can be mastered in no time, as they are very simple. You need to be ready in the event of an attack, if not for yourself, but for your family! Whether you run into a thug in an alley, or if someone (I won’t say names) tries to come take your guns, you can now take them down in no time.

Defend, Survive, & Prosper!

~ Jules Courtney

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Top 5 Mistakes That Will Get You KILLED By A Street Thug

Dear Patriot,

Hey — Jules Courtney here again… and last post I alerted you to the clear and present danger of being confronted with an attacker when you are away from your weapon. I explained briefly how this can be a likely scenario and the only thing standing between you and your life is your ability to take someone out with your bare hands.

I want to expand on that a bit… and I also want to discuss street thugs, and BULLIES!

Look — Do you think bullies are the stuff of your playground years?

Think again.

What Will You Do When Abused By A Street Thug
Who Is Much Bigger And Nastier Than You?

Listen Champ — A bully isn’t just that kid who pushed you around.

Usually bullies are people who’ve been shoved around and kicked in the teeth their whole lives ñ and they’re just dying to find someone else they can make feel as miserable as they do all the time.

You can find bullies at the bar… on a street corner… even in your local grocery store buying milk.

…And if you don’t follow these simple rules for facing down a bully, you could find yourself in a seriously violent confrontation with someone who’s a whole lot bigger, stronger, and meaner than the bully you remember from the schoolyard.

Here Are My Top 5 Mistakes That
Will Get You KILLED By A Street Thug…

hells angel

1. Failing To Recognize The Street Thug’s Assault

A street thug wants to hurt you, but he doesn’t want to get hurt.

His first move will be an insult, a challenge, or a small physical attack like accidentally bumping into you.

He is looking to see if you’ll respond aggressively or if you’ll try to avoid the confrontation.

If you meekly try to walk away, he’ll think you’re easy bait.

2. Going Into Denial

A natural response is to ignore the abuser.

“Ignore him and he’ll go away” — and isn’t that what teachers and parents always said you were supposed to do you when you were a kid?

Unfortunately, it’s actually the worst tactic.

He’ll see you as a safe victim and someone who won’t kick up a fuss… and he’ll escalate immediately. You can just see the street thug amplifying-up his insults and applying more and more pressure, testing you.

3. Showing Fear

If you seem afraid or panicked, he’ll immediately realize you’re the kind of target he’s been looking for. He is looking for someone who has never dealt with being pushed around — and has no idea how to handle it! He is looking for weakness to prey on

He thinks, “Good. This guy is safe to attack. He doesn’t know what he is doing. He is weak and vulnerable. This is my opportunity”

4. Verbally Challenging the street thug

A verbal challenge almost guarantees an attack.

It may seem like a good idea at first glance — and after all, a street thug is a coward, right?

So if you seem like you are not afraid to fight him, he will back down, right?

Unfortunately, no dice ‘Compadre’!

This nasty, foaming-at-the-mouth, street thug has actually been in a lot of fights, and he knows experienced fighters don’t bother with a warning — they get down to business!

You’ve just showed him you’re NOT an experienced fighter. You’re easy pickings.

5. Not “Checking Your Ego”

Maybe the street thug challenges you in front of your wife or your kids.

Maybe there is a crowd of people watching.

Whatever the reason, you’re worried that people will see this guy picking on you and think less of you, which makes you agitated and more inclined to do something aggressive to prove your manhood.

This is stupid.

If you’re angry, afraid, or worried about coming off well to other people, you’re not going to win this confrontation.

So how do you survive this mess?

Simple. You be ready to fight. And you win.

I know. Maybe you’re not some mixed martial arts “cage fighter” or a bare-knuckles champion boxer…

And — Maybe you’ve never even been in a fight in your entire life!

Maybe bullies just like this guy have picked on YOU — but you always come out the “loser”.

I don’t care what your background is. You CAN beat this guy, and guys just like him… even in sneak attack situations when you are away from your weapon or tribe.

Yes, you can beat bullies time and time again, over and over again, and even potentially save your life!

AND, It is a lot easier than you think!

Of everything I’ve seen and researched and learned from, here’s my highest recommendation on how to survive an attacker or defeat bullies time and time again, every time!

Here’s my recommendation for you here

I HIGHLY recommend you get this Free DVD. I’m wearing this DVD out myself!

BTW, “Defeat Larger Attackers” is a free DVD that teaches you how to go up against the bullies, the criminals, and the truly violent attackers of the world… and win!


It is not hard. In fact, it is simple. It is just a question of knowing how to exploit their weaknesses (and there are many — IF you know where to look and how to use them).

Preppers Guard Against Food Shortages, Water Shortages,
How To Live Off The Grid, But Less Than 5% Discover How
To Protect Themselves (And Their Families) From Attackers
And Bullies With Their Bare Hands! (That’s A Big Mistake!)

My highest recommendation is to just go get this free DVD today, and never worry about the  street thug again. No matter how big he is. This is an incredible tool and resource for you I’m sharing…

Protect yourself and your family here

Defend, Survive & Prosper!

~ Jules Courtney

PS – Again, I’m practically yelling from the rooftops… “Your ability to protect yourself from a bigger attacker or bully — without your weapon — is critical to your survival!” CRITICAL!