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Free And Cheap Off Grid Power Options For Preppers And Survivalists

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When people make the choice to become preppers and live off grid, there are a number of off grid power options to think about due to the loss of electricity.

But going off the grid is the most important component of self sufficient living.
Just because you’re living off the grid – it doesn’t mean you have to go without power completely.

Here we are going to discover some free and off grid power options for preppers, and survivalists.

We all know batteries are too expensive to store – unless you have rechargeable batteries with solar powered chargers.

One thing you should consider is to buy any gadgets that don’t require electricity at all, like hand crank radios, etc. But there are other options you can consider – such as solar, wind and water generated power.

Solar power is the most common option that people think of when they consider moving from a dependency on an electric company. Solar panels can be pricey, but they quickly pay you back for your investment.

You can cook with solar ovens, charge your electronics with solar-powdered gadgets, and do just about anything that you would normally use with paid electricity. You can either buy solar panels or make them yourself.

Be careful about some of the crude do it yourself tutorials. You want things to work on a budget, but you don’t want to put your family at risk with a set up that endangers anyone.

One option, depending on the property and its water resources, is to create a hydro-power system. You have to have a stream or river flowing nearby that has a nice drop in elevation for it to work properly.

Wind power is another option. You can install wind turbines that will generate electricity, but you need to live in an area that consistently delivers wind speeds around 9-10 miles per hour for it to work.

With all of these options, you have choices that range between crude, low power producing products and extravagant products that leave you carefree and fully secure with a working system.

One thing that each homesteading family needs to do is determine how much power they really need. You’ll want to cut down on your electric usage – unplug appliances when not in use, turn off lights, etc.

Then you can better choose among the viable options you have to deliver enough power to provide for your family.

If possible, be sure you have several options on your homestead so that if there’s not a lot of rain, or the water flow gets plugged up, or the wind dies down, you won’t be left in the dark.

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8.1k shares, 367 points
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