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Hillary Clinton Really Said This???

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Please Please Please understand this is a simple yet very powerful lesson. Make sure you read every word of this post or you may miss the point. This is an object lesson, and not a point of view.
I rarely talk about politics. People really get riled up over it however sometimes you just have to speak up. Such is the case here.
Take a look at the following Tweet
fake news
Some people would delight in that Tweet, others would be furious that she would say something like this. Those who hate President Trump and love the Tweet are more likely to post it on their Facebook timeline so that heir friends may join in on roasting the president.
On the other side, those that dislike Hillary can use the Tweet to show how evil Hillary is and post it on their Facebook timeline to support their claim.
No matter which side of the coin you are on if you posted this Tweet or shared it with someone you would be


Guilty of what you ask? You would be guilty of spreading FAKE NEWS! If you take a look at the bottom right of the Tweet above you will see in very light type created @ Tweeterino.com. That is a site that allows ANYONE to create a fake Tweet using whoever they want as the person who supposedly said something as in the Hillary Tweet above.
Just to let you know I opened an account and created that Tweet in a matter of 2 minutes. I created that fake news Tweet to prove the point ANYONE can say almost ANYTHING and attribute it to almost anyone they want.
Pretty powerful stuff, right? I’ll be the first to admit I probably have fallen for a few fake news Tweets. What all of us need to do is verify our sources. Knowing what you know now you will save yourself some grief and not get so agitated when you see something designed to get you riled up.
Fake news is designed to generate clicks, or views as in the case of so-called news programs. Clicks and views equal advertising dollars for the big corporations or someone trying to make a fast buck.
Bottom line no matter what side of the coin you are on verify the source before passing along anything you think supports your side.





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4.8k shares, 335 points


  1. To be fair, Hillary has a reasonable point. Look, trump did everything in his power to end hillery over stuff he is doing as well. What difference is between using unsecured email servers and using twitter? Not saying she would have been better as president, just starting that with all of the drama behind trump, hillery is a whole lot more mature in comparison. Maturity and wisdom and experience should be the merits of the white house. Trump has clearly shown he has none of these. Say half the shit trump has at your job. I dare you lol. See how fast your employer sends you to the unemployment office. Now consider that being president is a job. And has a gallery to go with it. If we have to be held accountable then why can’t trump as well. And don’t take me wrong. I’m not exactly a hillery fan. I respect her as an individual, but not all of her political points of view. But with as much crap as trump has pulled, it begs the question, why hasn’t he been punished to some degree? We don’t need anything close to what hillery suggests, but accountability needs to be there. Our check and ballence system is currently compromised. So trump has free rain to destroy our constitution. And he has tryed pretty hard to get this done.hillery should not have voiced herself in this manner, I expected better of her, but her point is valid nonetheless

    1. Richard, you missed the whole point of the post. It’s not about a political opinion, it’s about the spreading of FAKE NEWS! Did you get it at all??? She did not say what was in the Tweet above. I did, to prove anyone can say anything and make it look like someone else said it. Please re read the post. It’s obvious you did not read it.

      1. Richard, What in the hell are you saying, and who are you trying to kid? Hillary (please note spelling) is guilty as sin, and Trump is only scratching the surface so far. Both may not meet with your approval, but for what it’s worth, you are right now better off than you would have been under Hillary. Check your deep state facts, and then speak out!k

  2. Jason your post makes an important point. If more people verified the source of “news” stories the amount of fake news would be so much less. Sadly we live in an impatient world where clicking SHARE is easier than reading an article :'(

  3. Richard,
    I understand the point you made, but are there specific points to identify, to determine if a published piece is questionable, or is fake news ? What characters or symbols may appear, that are suspect?

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