refill propane tanks

How To Get $15 Per Gallon Propane For $2.59 – Sneaky But Totally Legal Tip

If you use a lot of propane for heating, or whatever you use it for, you at some point will use those small one time use, disposable propane tanks.

When you use them you are paying quite a bit more per gallon. On average you’re most likely paying about $15 per gallon when you use those little cylinders vs about $2.59 when you refill a larger propane tank.

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With this sneaky little trick you are about to learn you’ll discover how to refill those small cylinders using the cheaper propane from the large cylinder.

This will save you around $12 per gallon in your propane costs.

Let’s start saving around $12.00 per gallon by learning to refill those small disposable propane cylinders with the less expensive propane from the large propane tanks you use. The video will explain this sneaky, but totally legal money saving tip.

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