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Laser Assisted Blowgun

How To Make A Laser Assisted Blowgun That’s Strong Enough To Blast Darts Into Concrete

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This laser assisted blowgun is so easy, and inexpensive to make almost anyone could do it. As presently shown this blowgun is strong enough to blast darts into concrete.

Although it’s not intended for use in self defense, or hunting it could be used for those purposes by making a few adjustments.

We think they could be a lot of fun just shooting at targets in your backyard.

Make sure to watch the entire video. The first part of the video describes how to make your laser assisted blowgun that is used for fun. About the 2 minute mark in the video you will learn how to take your blowgun to an entirely different level. Go ahead and watch the video now. Also read the note below the video.

Many people have asked how to make the precision laser sight. It’s just a 2″ piece of the same PVC pipe, with 8 screws, as seen in the video. Simply insert the laser, and adjust the screws until the laser is pointing directly at the place where the blowgun hits the target, then make sure the screws are relatively tight so the laser doesn’t move.


How to Use Your Ninja Blowgun Weapon – Ninja Style

As you will see, using your Ninja Blowgun it is a little more complicated than just pointing at a target and blowing. You need to be able to gauge the distance, your target, surroundings, and more.

Mostly blowguns are used for target practice, small game hunting, and Ninja training. They are commonly made at home or they can also be bought from a Martial Art Supply store. Blowguns come in a variety to choose from based on their different widths and lengths.

Moving to our topic, how to train with your ninja blowgun? There are three main aspects on which you have to put your complete concentration on. They are cover, invisibility, and how to fire the blowgun.

Talking about those three, let us start with cover. If you are using your blowgun for Ninja training, it is necessary to always use the blowgun from a hiding position. Hence, you must train yourself to find suitable hiding positions at different places quickly and appropriately for the best results. The most common place is hiding behind a bush.

The second thing in line is invisibility. If you have taken proper cover, you should be nearly invisible to others. When you fire your blow gun at your target, stay put. Don’t get up immediate to run towards or away from your target. Take advantage of your hidden position to make sure no other “threats” are near by.

Firing of the ninja blowgun. You can train yourself for this through either target practice or small game hunting. The first thing to do is obtaining a target. In target practice it can be anything from a painted ring to a small tin, whichever suits you, while in hunting it’s a small animal. After that, take a distance of 6-8 meters from the target and then insert a dart in your ninja blowgun.

Now it comes to holding the gun, you can either wrap both of your hands over the shaft, or you can wrap one of them while hold the bottom with the other. Furthermore, keep the elbows close, resting on the chest, while place your foot one in front of other or both parallel.

Now the final thing for you to do is take a deep breath, place your mouth over the mouthpiece, and blow to fire the dart. (Be careful not to take a deep breath while your lips are sealed around the tip. You don’t want the dart to be sucked into your throat.)

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