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How To Rescue A Home Invasion Hostage

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A home invasion is tough situation for you to deal with…

But it’s critical for you to have a home invasion plan in place right NOW so you know how to react if your home is ever invaded and your family’s life hangs in the balance.

You need to understand home invaders get a thrill on power and intimidation.

So ask yourself…

What would I do if an attacker was holding a loved one hostage?

Here’s an effective technique that was developed for a home invasion survival program HERE that could save their life…

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How To Save A Home Invasion Hostage

One of the worst situations you may find yourself in when home invaders break into your home is that they’ll often take a family member as a hostage.

They know that if they put a knife to the throat of your child or spouse, you’ll do pretty much anything they tell you to.

You’ll lay down your weapon… you’ll back away… you’ll even handcuff yourself to a railing if they tell you to!


Because the alternative is that they’ll kill someone you love right before your eyes, right?

Besides, what if you’re armed and “take the shot” but miss and kill your family member instead?

Look, you have to make the judgment call yourself.

But personally, If I’m armed, I’m not going to place my trust in some scumbag thug with no decency or respect for human life.

Here’s a tactic that could help you save your loved one’s life if they have a weapon on them and you’re armed…

First, I understand that the home invader’s brain is focused on YOUR actions, NOT on killing your family member.

Most likely, he’s concentrating on yelling at you to put your gun down.

This is where you ask him, “Ok, where do you want me to put it?”

Here’s why this is important…

When you ask him a question, his brain “disconnects” from harming your loved one to answering your question.

This is called a “break state” and it’s added insurance there won’t be an accidental discharge when you employ this next move…

As he’s answering you, he may motion with his gun or knife away from his hostage and in the direction he wants you to throw your weapon.

At this point – WHILE he’s talking – shoot about a foot over his head and to the side away from your family member.

The shock of the gunfire will create a split second moment for you to immediately rush forward (you can be anywhere within about 20 feet and pull this off at lightspeed).

At point blank range, shove your gun right into the attacker’s body (or head) and pull the trigger.

If you can move his weapon away at the same time, great – but you’re not looking to get into a wrestling match.

What you’re going for is a point-blank kill-shot!

Is it risky?

Hell yeah! But home invasions are the most violent and unpredictable of all crimes.

You can’t wait for the perfect moment to make your move.

It may NEVER come!

That’s why you need every single dirty trick you can get your hands on so that you can CREATE your own opportunity to counterattack or escape.


P.S. – This home invasion survival program is the ultimate encyclopedia of dirty tricks!

If you don’t have a copy, you can get it shipped to your door by going to:

Ultimate Home Defense Tactics

You’ll find this program loaded with all the “sneaky tricks” you’ll need to defeat any violent predator(s) in an invasion of your home.

It’s your best investment you’ll ever make in protecting your family!


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5k shares, 337 points
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