How To Rescue A Home Invasion Hostage

A home invasion is tough situation for you to deal with…

But it’s critical for you to have a home invasion plan in place right NOW so you know how to react if your home is ever invaded and your family’s life hangs in the balance.

You need to understand home invaders get a thrill on power and intimidation.

So ask yourself…

What would I do if an attacker was holding a loved one hostage?

Here’s an effective technique that was developed for a home invasion survival program HERE that could save their life…

home invasion tactics


How To Save A Home Invasion Hostage

One of the worst situations you may find yourself in when home invaders break into your home is that they’ll often take a family member as a hostage.

They know that if they put a knife to the throat of your child or spouse, you’ll do pretty much anything they tell you to.

You’ll lay down your weapon… you’ll back away… you’ll even handcuff yourself to a railing if they tell you to!


Because the alternative is that they’ll kill someone you love right before your eyes, right?

Besides, what if you’re armed and “take the shot” but miss and kill your family member instead?

Look, you have to make the judgment call yourself.

But personally, If I’m armed, I’m not going to place my trust in some scumbag thug with no decency or respect for human life.

Here’s a tactic that could help you save your loved one’s life if they have a weapon on them and you’re armed…

First, I understand that the home invader’s brain is focused on YOUR actions, NOT on killing your family member.

Most likely, he’s concentrating on yelling at you to put your gun down.

This is where you ask him, “Ok, where do you want me to put it?”

Here’s why this is important…

When you ask him a question, his brain “disconnects” from harming your loved one to answering your question.

This is called a “break state” and it’s added insurance there won’t be an accidental discharge when you employ this next move…

As he’s answering you, he may motion with his gun or knife away from his hostage and in the direction he wants you to throw your weapon.

At this point – WHILE he’s talking – shoot about a foot over his head and to the side away from your family member.

The shock of the gunfire will create a split second moment for you to immediately rush forward (you can be anywhere within about 20 feet and pull this off at lightspeed).

At point blank range, shove your gun right into the attacker’s body (or head) and pull the trigger.

If you can move his weapon away at the same time, great – but you’re not looking to get into a wrestling match.

What you’re going for is a point-blank kill-shot!

Is it risky?

Hell yeah! But home invasions are the most violent and unpredictable of all crimes.

You can’t wait for the perfect moment to make your move.

It may NEVER come!

That’s why you need every single dirty trick you can get your hands on so that you can CREATE your own opportunity to counterattack or escape.


P.S. – This home invasion survival program is the ultimate encyclopedia of dirty tricks!

If you don’t have a copy, you can get it shipped to your door by going to:

Ultimate Home Defense Tactics

You’ll find this program loaded with all the “sneaky tricks” you’ll need to defeat any violent predator(s) in an invasion of your home.

It’s your best investment you’ll ever make in protecting your family!


How To Set Up A Shipping Container Survival Home

How To Set Up a Shipping Container Survival Home

Your home is the hub of your family life. It’s where you can gain a respite from anything that’s going on. You can relax, spend time with the people you love and be secure from harm and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have this safe haven.

When you look around you at the homes already in existence, you can see a myriad of problems that the owners deal with. Not only that, but the homes manufactured aren’t always made with materials that can stand the test of time – let alone be sturdy enough to act as a survival home.

Knowing this, many people decided to look for other housing options for their living needs. There’s a simple, affordable option that can protect you and your loved ones quite well – shipping containers!

What Is a Shipping Container Survival Home?

People wanting to make sure they have a sturdy home in the event of a survival situation aren’t the only ones buying and setting up container homes. Because they’re easier to put in place and can be turned into homes that are functional and beautiful, builders, architects on the cutting edge of design and some of the grid home buyers are searching for these containers to use.

Shipping containers are in demand for use as survival homes and it has to do with their reputation as being almost indestructible. These homes are made out of square or rectangle shipping containers.

Since the containers are made of steel, they’re extremely durable. They’re strong enough to handle the rigors of long-distance shipping – even from country to country.

They can handle travel by cargo ship, by truck over the road and by train. They can be lifted by forklift high into the air and settled on land or moved from one point to another without it affecting the structure of the container.

You can’t do that with a regular home because they’re not made to withstand the kind of treatment a container can take. These containers are also built to withstand long periods of storage when they’re not being used for any purpose.

They can be used repeatedly regardless of whatever was in them prior to purchase. These containers can also be used in any climate because they’re resistant to what would normally wear out regular home building materials that are built in harsher areas.

Like other survival homes, these are meant to be used as either short term bug out retreats or long-term survival homes. They can be used as bug-out shelters or made into a permanent home that can withstand the fallout from a collapsing economy or society.

It all depends on how the container is set up. They can be left in their natural state – which means they actually look like a shipping container to anyone looking at them – or they can be retrofitted to look like a modern home.

How this turns out depends on the purpose of the container and the amount of money and effort the buyer is willing to put into outfitting the container for use. These survival homes can offer a lot of amenities quickly and cheaply.

While you might think of these containers as simply a means to survive, many of these can be turned into homes that are actually more beautiful than the high-end homes you see available on the market today.

Anything that goes in a regular home can be used in a container survival home and in fact, most of the container homes turn out to be far more eye-catching and comfortable.


Why Do Preppers Love This Option?

There are several good reasons that preppers choose shipping containers more often as a survival home option. These containers are plentiful. You can literally find them everywhere.

They’re in every state, every country and you’ll find hundreds of businesses that have shipping containers available for purchase. These kind of homes are a better choice for the environment because repurposed steel containers are kept out of the landfills or aren’t left empty and abandoned in some vacant lot for years.

Besides being good for the environment, purchasing a shipping container is a good financial move as far as housing options go. These containers are very inexpensive to own.

You can purchase ten containers for far less money than you would have to shell out to give as a down payment on a traditional home. And with a shipping container, you’re not dealing with a mortgage payment for the next thirty years.

These containers are built to last and they have reinforced ends on either side. That reinforcement gives them the ability to be stacked and fitted together on top of each other with good support.

That means you can use them to build a two story or taller home if you choose to. The support of a steel container is better than what’s offered in a traditional home.

There are plenty of bonuses from using a container home because some of the common issues that come along with living in a wood home, you don’t have to deal with in a container home.

If you get water damage in a home that uses wood materials, you end up with mold issues, including the highly dangerous black mold. But with steel containers, mold is never a problem because mold can’t grow in or on steel.

Another plus is that unlike a regular home, these containers are fireproof. Steel doesn’t catch fire like wood homes do. So your family is safer living in a steel home instead of a bug out cabin.

Pests can be a big problem for people who have their homes built from materials that are currently available. Termites can work to destroy a home and are often not seen until the damage is substantial.

In some cases, a home isn’t livable after termites have caused extensive structural damage. But those who live in a container home don’t have to worry about termites and their destructive habits because termites can’t destroy steel.

Preppers also prefer shipping containers as survival homes because they can easily be hidden from view with foliage, trees and other natural coverings. This helps protect your family against would-be thieves and people who might want to harm your family or your property or steal your supplies.

Designing a Shipping Container Home for Your Needs

All shipping container survival homes won’t look alike despite their outward appearance. These homes can be designed around whatever needs you plan to have them serve.

Some people opt for very simple and basic furnishings. They make only enough changes in the container to make it livable. Others prefer to make more drastic changes and outfit the container so that it looks more like a luxury home than a container.

Whatever your needs, you can create a container to match it. Since these come in small or large sizes, you can choose the size according to how big of a space you want to live in.

For some people, a small space works well. They’re able to live very simply and keep everything running smoothly in a smaller area. Others, however, either need a larger space due to their family size or they prefer to have a roomier place to live.

The sizes of these containers can range from six feet to 45 feet. The smaller the container, the less width you’ll have. For example, a 20-foot container would give you just over 2,400 width space.

All of the containers can be left as an open floor plan or the sections can be divided into rooms according to need or privacy. You can take a forty-five-foot container and have enough space to make two or three bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom and each room would be spacious.

The containers are low maintenance shelters, which leaves buyers with more freedom to make changes. The containers can be wired for electricity or they can be fitted with solar panels.

The walls can be left in their natural state or they can be covered by drywall or paneling. The ceilings can be changed, skylights can be added and so can windows and doors.

You can even have sliding glass doors installed. You do have to use materials that are specifically designed to fit with steel containers – since fitting them with doors and windows have different requirements than a wood home does.

Any amenity that you have in a home, you can have with a steel container. That includes a fireplace if you want one. Heating, cooling and plumbing can be done just like you’d see in a regular home.

Or, you can use other means such as passive cooling and composting toilets if you want to stick with environmentally friendly options. The good news is that a shipping container is so easily retrofitted, you can do most of the changes you want done yourself without having to hire help.

How to Acquire the Shipping Containers You Need

shipping container

Obviously, you can’t run up to your local home improvement store and order however many shipping containers you’d like to have. Though they are plentiful, you have to know where you can get them.

You can expect to pay a couple of thousand dollars or less for the container that you want to buy. Don’t spend more than that because the going rate for containers is between $1,000 and $2,000 – depending on the size of the container you want.

But another thing that can affect the cost is whether or not the container is refurbished or insulated. Some companies will charge more for high cube containers – but not all of them will.

Buying the biggest container at a decent price will allow you to save money to be able to customize your purchase. Make sure that you look for places that sell after market containers.

This means the container is no longer used for the company’s shipping purposes and has been retired. Many of these containers will have been in use about ten years.

Shipping companies have limits and regulations they have to follow for pulling containers out of service but these containers are still viable home options for savvy buyers.

Some containers are offered at great prices at auction sites, both local and online. You can bid on the containers as they come available. Some trucking companies have containers they will sell.

Pay attention to certain code words that are used. For example, “one-trip” means the container was used to make a trip to another country. Sometimes, these containers are not reused for other purposes but sometimes they are.

You also want to make sure you look for words like “cargo worthy.” It’s in your best interest to closely inspect the container before buying or have it inspected. While some dents are normal in shipping containers, large dents can indicate that the container experienced damage that may impact its support capability if the dents are in the corners where the support structures are.

You can find the containers at local container companies in your area by simply doing a search online. Put in the phrase “shipping container sales” or “buy a shipping container.”

If you want to be specific to your area, then type in your city and state. But what you want to look for are companies that offer delivery and set up. If you don’t go with a company that also offers delivery and set up for an additional portion of the selling price, then what ends up happening is you’ll have to pay extra to a third party.

This is because you’ll have to have the forklift on your property that’s strong enough to handle retrieving the container from the bed of the truck and has the ability to situate the container where you want it to go.

You have to have the area already prepared before you have the container delivered. The area should be flat and stable to support the container. Or, if you plan to bury it underground, then you need to have the hole dug out and prepped beforehand.

What You Can and Can’t-Do With a Shipping Container Home

Using a shipping container home is a wise investment, but there are some limitations to using these homes. Some buyers think that a container home means that nothing can destroy the home or cause it to be damaged and this isn’t true.

There are some things that are not safe to do with a container home unless you take a few extra steps to make sure it’s safe first. Some preppers believe that it’s okay to bury a container home under the ground to keep it safe from nuclear fallout, invaders and other issues.

But burying a container home is unsafe because it can cause the container walls as well as the roof to cave inward. This happens because the container is built to withstand a certain amount of pressure.

When you bury a container, the pressure limits are exceeded by the force of the earth around it as well as the force on top of it. If you feel you absolutely have to bury the shipping container, then you have to take steps to keep the collapse from happening.

This includes steps like building concrete barriers on the sides of the container to keep the pressure off the walls. The weight must be supported on the roof as well.

You’d have to retrofit the container so that the weight of the soil was kept off the roof of it. A shipping container home can be used to grow a garden right on the roof of it.

This serves a few different purposes. One, it helps to make the container blend in with its surroundings. Two, having a garden on top can be a source of sustainable food if you choose to have that over a flower garden and three, covering the container from the impact of direct sunlight can help create a way to keep the container cooler in the summer.

It can also keep the container warmer in the winter. Some people use the top of their container to create a small covered patio area where they can entertain and barbecue with friends or sit on chairs to enjoy the outdoors. Others simply plant grass seed to make it look like the container is part of the area.

3 Secret Hiding Spots For Your EDC Survival Gear

As a fellow “survivalist”, you know that your survival gear is critically important to your very existence in a crisis. (Make sure to see the 3 secret hiding spots below the video).

Just one single item could mean the difference between life or death for you and your family.

An EDC (“every day carry”) knife is a good example, right?

The right knife can be used to break out a windshield to save you from a burning car… cut through the lodged seatbelt to save your kids… or fend off a band of renegade looters during civil unrest.

For more “must-have” EDC survival gear, click here

But here’s the thing…

Unless you’re a soldier on the battlefield, you don’t want to be flashing all of your cool EDC survival gear around.

What you want is to stay “covert” so no one knows what type of gadgets you’re carrying.

This keeps you from being targeted in a crisis for either looting or begging from the “unprepared”.

Here are 3 “secret hiding spots” for your EDC Survival gear:

1″Coin pocket” – Most people forget that this little pocket at the top of your right-side front jeans pocket even exists. But it’s a super handy place for small survival items you want fast access to. You’ll be surprised at what you can fit in there without even noticing it!

2 Shoelaces – Switch out your regular shoelaces with colored 550 paracord. It comes in all colors (my kids get white) and inside the cord is 7 strands of strong nylon string for many scenarios. Typical laces are 4-5′ long so this gives you up to 70′ of string while still leaving you with shoelaces.

3 “Money belt” – These were cool… then they were dorky… now I’m making them cool again! The inside of the belt has a hidden zippered pocket for money (as well as small items like a razor, etc. for any number of needs).

Bottom line, you must examine the best EDC survival gear to survive an “instant emergency”.

A great checklist can be found here

Are you prepared?

Talk Soon


3 Self Defense Tips Against Multiple Attackers

Below is the true story of NASCAR driver Mike Wallace and the brutal attack he and his family suffered. Had he known the 3 self defense tips below the outcome may have been different.

NASCAR driver Mike Wallace lay there unconscious.

But NOT by a car crash during one of his races.

While walking his wife and daughter to their car after a Rascal Flatts concert, 57 y.o. Wallace and his family were brutally attacked by 3 drunken men (and even their female family members) for no reason at all.

As he was struck and lay there knocked out on the ground, Mike didn’t feel the continued kicks to his face by his aggressors.

…he didn’t hear or feel his daughter pleading and screaming as she tried covering his body in an attempt to save his life from the thugs…

…and he couldn’t protect her as they turned their attacks on her – kicking her in the ribs.

What would YOU do if ambushed with your family by multiple attackers?

Wallace told his story of the brutal beat-down:

“They tell me the attack was about 15 minutes from start to the finish. I only remember the first few seconds of it. When I woke up, I see my daughter laying on the ground, which is devastating to a father. That’s the worst thing in the world.”

Mike wasn’t some martial arts expert… and even if he’d had a gun, there was no time to draw a weapon before he was struck by the 3 men.

At that moment of the attack, the only thing standing between the 3 adrenaline-charged drunks and his wife and daughter… was him… his hands… and the skill to destroy three men before they could send them all to the hospital – or worse. Make sure to see the 3 self defense tips below the following video.

Here are 3 self defense tips against multiple attackers should YOU ever come face to face with multiple attackers and no way out…

1. Don’t Fight All Your Attackers At Once

Only in Jackie Chan movies can someone punch or kick 2 guys at the same time.

When in hand-to-hand fight against multiple aggressors, you should only fight one person at a time.

That’s not always the “leader” of the group (like some martial arts gurus say).

It may be the one whose guard is down and closest to you – allowing you to…

2. Take Your Target Out Quickly

You don’t want to be locked up with any one attacker for more than 1 or 2 strikes.

Any more than that and you can bet that his buddies are going to eventually get in a solid shot or take you to the ground for a brutal beat-down.

“Punching” (like most people do)… or trying some fancy “mixed martial arts” move to take them to the ground… will only work against you.

You need to use equally brutal moves that will completely take the guy in front of you out of the fight for good.

Seeing their friend gagging, screaming, or unconscious on the ground may be enough to stop the others in their tracks.

But if not, you’re at least down 1 less attacker… and ready to use the same moves on the next idiot stupid enough to mess with you…

3. Train Those You Love To Protect Themselves

This is typically the hardest thing to accomplish, isn’t it?

Maybe your spouse and kids don’t have the same “survival mind-set” you do… or maybe they (and you) don’t think they’re strong enough to defend themselves.

The fact is, you don’t have to be big and strong to completely destroy a man even twice your size.

In fact, there are moves so simple… so devastating… and so easy to learn, that Wallace’s daughter may have even been able to fight back herself instead of laying on top of her father and begging for mercy.

If you want to know what these simple-yet-brutal self-defense moves are, then I highly suggest you grab this “street-fight” DVD a friend of mine is giving away for free…

It’s sad to think you can’t even go to a fun concert, dinner, or a movie without having to worry about being ambushed with your family.

But these are the cold hard facts you must face now.

You shouldn’t live in fear – for yourself or for those you love – and knowing you have the ability to destroy any man with your bare hands is what gives you the confidence to walk anywhere without fear.

Click here to get your FREE street self defense tips DVD sent to you – master just a few of these brutal, life-saving moves… then show them to those you love the most so you’ll know they’re protected even if you’re not there to save them!

The Second Animal Home Invasion Criminals Fear Most

In speaking with convicted home invasion criminals, research shows that they fear 2 animals over everything else…

The first is of course dogs. That’s no surprise.

A Doberman, Rottweiler or German Shepherd are badass guard dogs and will give any home invader a fight for his life… but their large size can also make them more difficult to handle on a daily basis.

Even smaller, yappy, scrappy dogs can be effective as “early warning devices” lurking outside your home and even after an intruder breaks in, can delay an attack by biting an invader’s lower legs and ankles.

But It’s The 2nd “Animal” That Violent Home Invasion Criminals Are MOST Afraid Of…

You don’t necessarily need a linebacker of a canine to protect you in your home because there’s one more animal criminals fear even more…

… an armed homeowner!

Yes, YOU are what home invasion criminals fear most.

Of course, that means…

1. You need to be armed

2. You need to know how to respond tactically to a home invasion

There’s a lot more to it than just owning a gun.

Knowing how to set up your home (interior and exterior) in order to give yourself the tactical advantage…

… as well as how to deal with things like escaping from handcuffs if you’re ambushed and taken prisoner…

…and even how to save your family members if they’re taken hostage in another room.

These are all things you won’t learn down at the range, right?

You can learn all the “dirty tricks” to defeating home invaders here

Don’t get too comfortable just because you think you’re armed and ready.

Your tactics are far more important than the model of gun you choose and the ammo you stick in it.

Talk Soon~Jason

The New Survival Rule Of 3’s

The survival rule of 3’s can come in handy in a wilderness or urban survival situation. Many people will have heard of some of these rules especially the first five.

However, there are many more to consider. Here are 36 survival rule of 3’s. If you have any other ideas please add them to the comment section below.

For your convenience, I’ve added links to posts that go into more depth on each of the items listed below.

Also, check this out:

The New Survival Rule Of 3’s:

3 minutes without Oxygen
3 hours without shelter
3 days without water
3 weeks without food
3 months without hope
3 fire making tools needed
3 cutting tools

cowboys survival rule of 3's
3 is best 2 is 1 and 1 is none
3 different materials for the tinder bundle
3 ways to get warm fast
3 feet of debris on debris hut
3×putting leaves on shelter+pressing them
3 fists high of compressed leaves in a shelter
3 main concerns with first aid. (A.B.C.)
3 liters of water a day for the adult male
3300 calories per day for adult active male
3 days of calories from raccoon-sized animal
3 weeks of calories from bear or dear

 S.A.R. duration (72 hours)
30 minute maximum between hydrating
3 signal fires
3 ways to signal for help
3 blasts from a gun
3 flashes 3 times S.O.S. …- – -…
3 degrees either way from 37degrees =danger
3 types of shelter to know how to build
3 ways to start a fire

survival rule of 3's
3× the wood you thought was enough for the night
3 hours to build the typical emergency shelter
3:00 is a.good time to Start Emerg camp/fire
3 ways to procure water
3 fists to the sun for an idea of sunlight
3 knots at least. But know them REALLY Well
3 requirements for fire. Fuel Oxygen Heat
3000 degrees C temp of sparks from Firesteel
3 Layers of clothes for cold weather.


How To Wipe Out Any Attacker Using Your Mind (weird)

If I were to ask you, “What’s your #1 weapon in a close quarters
combat attack?”, what would you say?

Your fists?

What if I told you that you possess a weapon many times more
powerful and mastering it can mean the difference between life
and death in a violent attack?

I’m talking about….

How To Wipe out Any Attacker – With Your MIND!

hells angel

I know that sounds impossible, but if this is probably the #1
thing I find people struggling with when it comes to how to
survive a real-world violent attack.

You see, most people faced with a hostile encounter, instantly go
into a “defensive” mindset.

They think…

“If this guy punches me, how will I block it?”

Now, if you were to take a traditional martial arts class, you
might learn specific blocks for specific attacks.

Up block… down block… cross block… “X” block…
monkey ninja death block…

All “b.s” if you ask me!

Look… the LAST thing you want to be doing in an attack is
thinking about what strike your assailant will be throwing at you
and which block you’re going to pull out of your “arsenal” to
counter his attack.

THINKING will make you hesitate…

…Hesitation could get you KILLED!

The object of close quarters combat is NOT to react to your
attacker, but to make your attacker react to YOU…even if HE is
the first one to throw a strike!

In other words, as soon as you feel your safety is in undeniable
jeopardy…you should have already had your first target picked
out and be halfway down that scumbag’s throat!

Your ability to make that mental switch – that 100% commitment
that YOU will control the outcome of an attack regardless of WHO
throws the first punch, is your most powerful weapon you possess
against the violent thugs of today.

Of course, when you’re facing a much bigger, stronger attacker,
you had damn well better make that shot count, right?

Just hauling off and belting him in the face isn’t going to do
you much good if he has a neck like a Rottweiller.

But there are a few simple moves that will topple even a giant
badass thug.

My buddy Jeff put them all on a free DVD you can get here..

He made this DVD free because for years, the #1 question he was asked is “How can I defend myself against someone twice my size?”

Forget “defending yourself”… the best defense is a kickass “offense”.

These moves have never failed me.

Just go to this special web page and tell us where to send your DVD.

Talk Soon~Jason

The REAL Way To Escape From Zip Ties

One of the most critical “collapse” skills is to master your ability to escape from a variety of restraints.

There are any number or reasons you could find yourself bound and gagged – helpless to protect yourself and your family.

It could be from a home invasion where you’re tied up while criminals rob your home (or worse – subject your family to all sorts of brutal acts.

It could be an ambush kidnapping where you or your spouse is knocked unconscious and stuffed into the trunk of a car – transported to your “final” destination

It could even be a wide-scale round-up of “at risk” civilians during martial law.

This is why you should always hide at least one means of escaping from restraints in your “everyday carry survival gear” (EDC), my buddy, Jeff talks about in his book titled Collapse Survival Secrets

One of the restraints commonly used are plastic “zip ties” because they’re easy to tie you up with… yet almost impossible for 99% of the people out there to escape from.

escape from zip ties

But we can be the 1%. 🙂

Here’s How To REALLY Escape From Zip Tie Restraints…

First, you’re going to find lots of tips on how to escape from zip ties all over the internet, like…

-Swinging your hands forcibly down from your head to your stomach to snap the clasp

-Biting through the plastic

-Hanging from the top of a door with your hands over your head to leverage a break

But here’s the problem with these escape methods…

All the ones I’ve seen have your hands bound in FRONT of you.

Now let me ask you… if YOU were going to tie someone up to truly immobilize them, would you tie their hands in front of them so they could easily grab a frying pan and crush your melon?

I don’t think so.

The real question is how do you escape from zip ties when your hands are BEHIND you and you don’t have the mobility to do all those fancy schmancy leverage breaks.

Well, if you’re carrying the 27 “covert” survival EDC items Jeff tells you to, you can break out of zip ties even with your hands behind your back.

For example, in this guide Jeff advises you should switch out your current shoelaces for 550 paracord (which comes in every color imaginable).

-Now, when your hands are zip-tied behind you, reach down with your bound hands and untie one (or both) of your shoes.

-Loop one of the laces up through the zip-ties and retie it in a square knot to the other shoe lace.

(Note: it’s best to tie the very end of one shoelace to a spot about halfway down the end of the other lace. This makes sure the knot isn’t at the very center of the now connected laces. You’ll see why next…)

-Your paracord laces should now be looped through the inside of your zip-ties near your wrists.

-Next, raise your body up so that your cuffs are pulling hard against the paracord as your laces tighten up.

– Now with a short back and forth motion of your hands, “rub” the cuffs against the taut paracord in one single spot in a super-fast speed, creating friction between the cord and the cuffs.

Within a short time, you’ll have burned through enough of the plastic to twist your wrists, using leverage to break through the rest of the cuffs and escape!

For more tips like these visit Collapse Survival Secrets.

Talk Soon~Jason

Cool Gun Training Tip You Can Use

In this post, you’ll learn a really cool little known gun training tip. (It’s about halfway down this page). Most people will find this statistic pretty shocking…The FBI Uniform Crime Report reveals that most shootings – about 80% – occur in low-light environments (such as a dark parking lot or in your home at night). I guess it makes sense, right?

I mean, yes – criminals ARE scumbags… but they’re at least smart enough to target you under the cover of darkness when it’s easier to ambush without the fear of being seen (or shot). So let me ask you – if you have an 80% chance of being forced to defend yourself and your family in the dark…… what percentage of YOUR firearms training time are you devoting to “low-light shooting”?

I’m guessing it’s probably NOT 80%, right? Well, you’re not alone. One of the obstacles most people face is that most live-fire gun ranges don’t want to turn down the lights because most shooters aren’t looking to practice low-light shooting.

Instead, most people who go to the range are doing “target practice”, under optimal conditions of high visibility… a non-moving target… not being shot at… and all the time in the world to get that 1″ shot group so they can brag to their buddies.

Frankly, no matter how many rounds you send down the shooting lane, these ranges are failing miserably at preparing you for a real life-or-death gunfight by not allowing shooters to be in a dimly lit environment.

Here’s a cool gun training tip you can use…

One way you can overcome your gun-ranges limitation is to bring a pair of really dark sunglasses with you. In fact, I bought a pair of “flip-up” attachable sunglasses lenses to put over another cheap pair of wrap-around sunglasses so I could easily flip them down for a really, really dark environment at the range.

With your sunglasses on (especially with my “double-lens trick”), you can create a simulated low-light tactical scenario for more realistic live-fire training at ANY range.

Now this will help a lot, but the bottom line truth is that the key to surviving a deadly gunfight is to train as close to “the real thing” as you possibly can, right? Unfortunately, even with sunglasses, you’re not going to get that kind of training down at your local gun range.

It’s not going to allow you to practice things like…

Moving around your home

Navigating obstacles (like furniture)

“Shoot-don’t shoot” decision-making

Low-light room clearing

Moving and shooting with a flashlight


So even live-fire ranges are going to limit you on how effectively you can prepare for a real attack, right? Well that’s exactly why my buddy Jeff created these 67 gun-training drills you can do at home

These show you how to train real-life shooting scenarios IN YOUR HOME for the most realistic training possible. Most tactical courses can run you about $150 to $1,000 (or more), but the truth is, you don’t need to pay these kinds of prices to get a realistic training setup.

All you have to do is look at these 67 “budget-conscious” gun training tactics Click Here To See Them they compiled and you can get nearly as good training (in most cases even BETTER!) for a fraction of the cost. I promise it will transform your tactical firearms training forever!

Talk Soon~Jason

3 Tips For Surviving A Terrorist Attack In Large Crowds

Have you ever noticed at big events like the World Series, someone else is watching the fans?

Spread throughout the rafters and for blocks around the stadium, several snipers keep watch with rifles locked and loaded.

In addition, DHS has military Black Hawk helicopters circling the stadium to enforce a 10-mile “no-fly zone”… missle packed F-16 jets are on standby… and armored BearCat vehicles were hidden from view, awaiting the command to swoop down on an attempted Boston Bombing-like attack.

In addition, new “spy technology” allows officers to scan social media… watch more than 500 security cameras at once… and scan license plates.

Like I always say… if the government is prepping for an attack or collapse, shouldn’t you?


terrorist attack

Look, I’m not saying that I (totally) disapprove of all the added security measures.

I mean, the Boston Marathon bombing showed us that it’s not just the foreign extremists who want to send us all to Hell.

And that’s why we “prep” in the first place, right? To be ready for any threat… anytime… anywhere.

In fact, we had nearly 5,000 fellow survivalists attend a special workshop to share their best survival tips for any type of a “collapse” or civil panic.

Best Collapse Tips =>

Here are a few they came up with that could you and your loved ones if you’re ever caught in a terrorist or other public attack…

Here Are 3 “Counterterror” Attack Tips To Protect Yourself At Crowded Events…

Tip # 18 – How to save your life…from space!

A simple automobile GPS could be your best friend in an emergency. Either in your car or removed for hand-held operation, it can navigate you to the nearest hospital or police station for aid as well as show you the way out of a chaotic city

-Adapted by submission from Jim in Ocala

Tip #131 – A new perspective on emergencies

Whenever possible, get “above” an emergency situation. The thing you use to gain altitude could be a tree, a roof access ladder, a fire escape, or other means of gaining altitude. Many people will simply forget to look UP in an emergency, which means they’ll pass right by you. Being up above the action means you have a better chance of spotting real trouble before it can get to you and more easily identify an escape route away from the chaos.

-Submitted by Angelo, Eugene

Tip #134 – Low-tech survival training anyone can do

You may not think of running as survival training, but take it up now. If you can run a mile every day, you can put a mile between you and the emergency. This increases your chances of survival dramatically. Gradually building up the strength and endurance to run a mile every day will make you stronger and more fit and healthy overall, which also improves your chances.

-Submitted by John, S.F., CA

All it takes is one single survival skill you’ve picked up from your research to mean the difference between life and death in a crisis or attack.

Always be on the lookout for life-saving survival tips and make it a habit to try to pick up just one single strategy each and every day.

See 250 More Tips Here

Jason~The Good Survivalist

How To Make A Stealth “Urban Survival Shelter” From A Picnic Table

In this post, you’ll find a neat trick for making a stealth urban survival shelter from a picnic table along with some other survival tips

In any collapse or disaster, there could be a time where you’re forced to spend the night “on the street” in an urban environment.

Maybe it’s because you’ve been displaced from your home and don’t want to sleep with the unprepared “zombies” at the FEMA center…

… or you’ve entered the city seeking resupply or medical attention…

… or even just passing through on the way to a secondary safe-zone.

In any event, you’ll need to find a safe place to sleep that will protect you from both the weather… and the human threat that may be lurking in the shadows.

For example, one of the ways to find temporary shelter in the city is to look for a park that has some picnic tables set up.

After it turns dark, find a table that’s at least partially camouflaged near some shrubs (or move it there).

If you have something waterproof (it can be as simple as a 55 gallon black plastic bag), pin it underneath the table to keep out any rain… hold in some warmth… and to help hide you from passers-by (just make sure it’s pinned UNDER the table – on top will look too obvious).

Talk Soon~Jason

P.S. – These are the types of simple collapse survival tips that can help you stay alive no matter what environment you’re forced into.

A while back, there was a special “online summit” meeting held and attended by about 5,000 fellow survivalists who shared their best survival tips for when the sh*t hits the fan and the world around you crumbles.

You will find 250 hand-picked best collapse survival tips here by an expert survivalist:

Click Here To See It

Any one of these could be a life-saver.

3 Savage Home Invasion Lies

No one ever expects to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of their bedroom door being kicked in.

No one expects it.

But one woman was prepared for it.

I was very pleased to see this story of a woman in Chattanooga, TN who shot at two men who broke into her bedroom in the middle of the night. She retrieved her gun, shot at them, and frightened them off.

However, not everyone is as prepared as this woman was and…

Here’s The Brutal Truth About Home Invasions

Home Invaders Are Unlike Other Criminals

You might think that if a criminal is in your home, he wants to avoid you as much as you want to avoid him.

He probably just wants to grab your TV and get out of there, right?

The fact was these two guys weren’t avoiding the woman in this story.

They were searching for her.

They knocked in her LOCKED bedroom door and if she hadn’t heard them – if the door hadn’t been locked – if she hadn’t been ready for them – she would have woken up to a hand over her mouth and two men in her bed.

Who wants to bet they weren’t after the TV?

Home Invasions Aren’t A “City Thing”

A lot of people think home invasions only happen in crime-plagued urban areas.

But this woman’s home was in a secluded area where neighbors wouldn’t see them and wouldn’t hear her screams.

The fact is, the more isolated your home is… the better a target it is.

When Seconds Count, The Cops Are Minutes Away

Of course, call 911 first (if you can).

But when an attacker is breaking down your door, it’s just you against your attackers.

Owning a gun isn’t enough.

It’s knowing what to do in those first critical seconds that can mean the difference between life… or a home invader’s thrill of rape, torture or death.

Are You Prepared For A Home Invasion?

If this story worries you, it should.

What you do in those first critical seconds when you find someone in your home can mean the difference between life and death.

They can mean the difference between scaring the criminals off right away, or being caught in a horrific tale of rape, torture, or worse.

Don’t believe these 3 home invasion lies:

1-nothing could happen to us in our nice community

2-the neighbors will call the police

3-the police would come to save me

Facing the brutal facts will protect your family.

No one expects a home invasion.

I hope it never happens to you.

But if, God forbid, it ever does… I want you to be prepared. My friend Jeff wrote a whole book on Home Defense Tactics that includes tips like these and many more that could save your life. You can get instant access here.


Why you need to keep a pulse on what’s going on around you

Keeping a pulse on what’s going on around the world is key to your survival. If you’re not dialed into what’s going on in the world around you and aren’t prepared

I feel scared for you. It is key that you are prepared and have a pulse on the world around you.

That’s why people are loving our Elite Syndicate Newsletter. But the best part is that is just one of the many things inside the Modern Tactical Syndicate that is delivered every month!

>> See what everyone’s talking about here

You won’t regret it 🙂

See ya on the inside,


The Good Survivalist

How To Train To “Fight Back” If You’re Hit Really Hard In A Street Fight

As you’ll can see from this video a hard shot to the head can completely disorient you – at least momentarily – making it much more difficult to fight back.

But not impossible…

Here’s How To Train To “Fight Back” If You’re Hit Really Hard In A Street Fight.

If your attacker gets in a “lucky blow” (or even if it’s a no-warning “knockout game attack”), you can expect to temporarily feel dizziness, nausea, and potential fainting.

Any of these factors will put you and your loved ones at risk as your aggressor takes advantage of your weakened state by following up with an even more vicious attack.

Your goal in this dangerous scenario is to program your mind to respond OFFENSIVELY, rather than just giving up and taking your beating.

Sure, that’s a lot to ask of your brain after just getting clocked with a hay-maker, but it’s a necessity if you ever hope to regain the advantage in the fight and turn the tables on your attacker!

Fortunately, here’s a simple, yet powerful, training tip to help you both familiarize yourself with this disoriented condition…and learn how to fight your way out of it!

Give this one a try!

Street Fight Training Drill: Sucker Punch Counterattack!

– Supplies: A baseball bat and something to hit HARD. Preferably it’s a padded training partner, but even a B.O.B. training dummy, heavy boxing bag, or even a few pillows duct taped around a cellar post will work very well.)

– Stand about 6 feet in front of your trainer/equipment with the bottom of the baseball bat on the floor and the handle facing straight up in a vertical position.

– Next, bend over while holding onto the baseball bat handle and place your forehead onto the top of the baseball bat.

– In this position, without moving the bat, spin your body around the bat 10 times as fast as you can while keeping your forehead on the top of the handle.

– Once you’ve circled the bat 10 times, you’ll be dizzy and completely disoriented…the perfect time to launch your attack as aggressively as possible on your padded training partner or equipment.

(Note: if you ARE using a training partner, while you’re attacking back, have them continue to strike you with padded fists to help simulate a real fight scenario as much as possible.)

– Don’t worry too much about technique at this point. Your goal is to do “something”…ANYTHING to avoid giving your attacker an easy target to pound away on. Just unleash!

– As you’re training, become aware of how long it takes you to regain enough mental clarity, to be more precise with your targeting, and to choose more effective striking options that can utilize more power.

Now here’s the thing…

In a disoriented state, any “fancy” self-defense moves are going to be super hard to pull off.

That’s why the #1 move in my buddy Jeff’s free street-fighting DVD requires no thinking… no strength… no real “training”… and yet will take a 300lb thug right off his feet. (I’ve done it!)

Your counterattack MUST be that simple and powerful!

If it’s not, you’re only setting yourself up for a beat-down you may not recover from because your strikes won’t have any effect.

Give this simple training drill a try and use the techniques in Jeff’s free street fighting DVD to give you the “weapons” to fight back and survive!