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Special Alert! Here’s A Sample Of What You’re Missing

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If you have not subscribed to my newsletter you are missing out on some really great stuff. It’s getting some really great reviews and comments.

To sign up for the newsletter go to TheGoodSurvivalist.com. On the right hand side you’ll see a box that says “Sign Up Today And Receive 22 Survival Hacks”

This will get you on the list so you won’t miss out on some really good info. Here is a sample of the latest email that went out to subscribers:

Hello Fellow Preppers And Survivalists,

Thankfully the end of a crazy week. With the Las Vegas
shooting and all the other stuff that that is happening it’s
no wonder people are uptight these days.

My simple solution to all the madness which some will accuse
me of hiding my head in the sand (I have an answer for that) is to
TURN OFF THE FREAKING NEWS! Or, cut it down a little bit.

I’ve done it, and I’m much more relaxed and calm. If I’m driving in
my car I listen to classical baroque music. You can choose any
type music that calms you and allows for thinking time.

Jason, You’ve Got You’re Head In The Sand

People will say “but Jason you’ve got your head in the sand”.
However, THEY WOULD BE WRONG! I have a simple solution.

I use Google Alerts for my news. If you are not familiar with it,
Google Alerts lets you set an alert for any subject you want
and will provide you with an update on the subject whenever
it’s mentioned anywhere on the web.

It’s sends the info right to your inbox almost immediately if you want.
You can select the subject, how often you want to be updated,
etc. Did I mention there is no cost to do this?.

Simply go to https://www.google.com/alerts

Then type in your subject/alert. Then click on the “show options”
arrow which will give you choices on how often you want to be
updated along with a few other options. BANG, done!

For instance, you could set an alert for North Korea missile launch.
anytime North Korea launches you’ll get an immediate update.

Pick any subject and get your update. Pretty cool huh?
You could probably do this with Twitter as well and have
it sent to your phone.

I’m not that sophisticated yet. If any of you out there know
how to do it let me know and I’ll share it with our group.

So now you can stay up to date with current events on any
subject and not have to listen to all the talking heads out there
who try to get us all riled up.

For the important stuff there’s an option to get the alert “as it happens”.
You could use that option for something like “North Korea Missile missile strike”

Something like that you would want to know ASAP, other stuff like political “hash”
you can set an alert that comes to you once per day, or week.

With all that said it’s a good idea to have a solar powered hand crank
radio like the one here just in case everything goes to hell.
(I really like that radio).

Or like one on these credit card sized radios.

With this info you can now turn off the news and use your freed up brain space
for other stuff like “what the heck am I going to do this weekend?”

Have a great weekend all!



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6.6k shares, 353 points

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  1. How can I get the emergency preparedness (food) with free shipping I barely make enough to eat each day. How can we prepare if we can’t afford it

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