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Powerful DIY Multi Room Super Cooler. Easy To Make, Up To 30 Degree Drop In Temperature, And It’s Saves Big Dollars On Your AC Bill

  There are quite a few DIY/homemade air conditioners, and air coolers all over the Internet. We’ve got directions for some of them on this site. Up until now those AC’s were more for small spaces, rooms, or cars. You might call…
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  • 9. Jul
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Super Simple DIY Table Top Air Cooler…It Doesn’t Get Much Easier Than This!

You won’t find a much simpler way to cool off on those hot summer days, and nights other than jumping in a swimming pool, or lake. This a very easy, and cheap to make table top air cooler. You only need three items to make this air cooler;…
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  • 30. May
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How To Make A Solar Powered Evaporative/Swamp Air Cooler. Great For Off Grid Living

Summer will be here is no time, and everyone could use a little help in staying cooler. What you will find here is a DIY air cooler. You have the option of going solar with it (explained in video). This solar powered air cooler is great for you…
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  • 8. May
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How To Make A Planter Box Air Cooler Lets You Get Up To A 30 Degree Drop In Temperature

This is one of those brilliant ideas that you wish you would have thought of during those hot summer months. With summer rapidly approaching we thought it would be a good time to unwrap this one. With this homemade¬†evaporative air cooler will…
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