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  • 4. Sep
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5 Survival Tips That Could Mean The Difference Between Living Or Dying

The following survival tips may seem pretty basic, but they could save your life. Believe it or not it’s the experienced hiker, camper, or survivalist that often runs into trouble when heading out alone. They can have a false sense of security…
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  • 5. Jun
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How To Take Down Any Attacker In 3 Seconds (or less)

Hey soldier, Jules Courtney here again. In my last post, I warned you about the top 5 mistakes that can get you killed by a bully. Well, sometimes you just can’t avoid an attack. What will you do when some thug comes at you for no reason, or if…
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  • 6. Mar
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5 Worst Survival Myths That Could Get You Killed

There are quite a few survival myths floating around out there. The problem with these survival myths is that it if you are not aware of them they could get you killed, or at the least make things a lot worse than they should be. We recently came…
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  • 16. Jan
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Alaskan Granny Dispenses Some Pretty Good Survival Tips.

If you’re looking for some hardcore survival tips, or the latest gadget to buy this is not that post. What you will find here is some very practical, down to earth advice from an Alaskan Grandma. We stumbled across this, and thought she had…
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  • 13. Dec
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4 Common Survival Myths That Could Get You Killed Instead Of Saving You

In this day and age we have access to more information than ever before. We have Smartphones which can access info on just about anything, including survival tips. However just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t mean that is the gospel…
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  • 7. Apr
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These Little Known Survival Tips May Just Save Your Ass. They Are Impressive, And Straight To The Point

Being caught in a survival situation is not something you hope for, it is something to prepare for should the need arise. Even the best survivalist, or prepper can get caught with his, or her guard down, or separated from their gear. That’s…
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10 Survival Tips That Could Get You Killed!-Tip #5 May Really Surprise You

We’re sure you’ve seen many survival articles. and posts on what to do in certain survival situations. What makes this video refreshing is that it shows you what survival tips are likely to get you killed if you follow them. Tip number 5…
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Here Are 10 Unusual Survival Tips You Didn’t Know…But You’ll Definitely Want To. #5 Is Pretty Cool

Many survival tips you read about either don’t work in the real world, or are just plain B.S. We set out to find real world survival tips that actually work. Most of these tips come from what works in the real world by real people. If you find…
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