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new survival rule of 3's

The New Survival Rule Of 3’s

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The survival rule of 3’s can come in handy in a wilderness or urban survival situation. Many people will have heard of some of these rules especially the first five.

However, there are many more to consider. Here are 36 survival rule of 3’s. If you have any other ideas please add them to the comment section below.

For your convenience, I’ve added links to posts that go into more depth on each of the items listed below.

Also, check this out:

The New Survival Rule Of 3’s:

3 minutes without Oxygen
3 hours without shelter
3 days without water
3 weeks without food
3 months without hope
3 fire making tools needed
3 cutting tools

cowboys survival rule of 3's
3 is best 2 is 1 and 1 is none
3 different materials for the tinder bundle
3 ways to get warm fast
3 feet of debris on debris hut
3×putting leaves on shelter+pressing them
3 fists high of compressed leaves in a shelter
3 main concerns with first aid. (A.B.C.)
3 liters of water a day for the adult male
3300 calories per day for adult active male
3 days of calories from raccoon-sized animal
3 weeks of calories from bear or dear

 S.A.R. duration (72 hours)
30 minute maximum between hydrating
3 signal fires
3 ways to signal for help
3 blasts from a gun
3 flashes 3 times S.O.S. …- – -…
3 degrees either way from 37degrees =danger
3 types of shelter to know how to build
3 ways to start a fire

survival rule of 3's
3× the wood you thought was enough for the night
3 hours to build the typical emergency shelter
3:00 is a.good time to Start Emerg camp/fire
3 ways to procure water
3 fists to the sun for an idea of sunlight
3 knots at least. But know them REALLY Well
3 requirements for fire. Fuel Oxygen Heat
3000 degrees C temp of sparks from Firesteel
3 Layers of clothes for cold weather.


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4.5k shares, 328 points

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