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bruce lee vs chuck norris

The Winner Of The Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris Real Fight

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According to all those that cast their votes in the Bruce Lee vs  Chuck Norris real fight scenario, it’s a lopsided win for one of the fighters. A few people gave some pretty good resons why they felt their guy would win.

In the post Who Would Win In A Real Fight…Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris? I showed you 2 videos, one of each fighter to help you make a decision. I’d like to bring up a few of things before I tell you who the winner would be.

First of all we have to look at the question “who would win in a REAL fight?” I’m not talking about a fight in the ring, but a real street fight. Second, the videos showed each one fighting in a controlled situation.

Next, there are some things that most of you don’t know about the fighters. Let’s take a look at some of those things. We’ll start with height and weight, the tale of the tapes so to speak.


Bruce Lee                                                          Chuck Norris

Height: 5 feet 7 inches                                          Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weight: 140 pounds                                              Weight: 170-180

If you search the Internet you can find sources that say Chuck is 5’10”. I was around him a fair amount and even had the privilege of doing some demonstrations with him. To say he is 5′ 10″ is fudging it a bit. I’m confident to go with the 5′ 9″  measurement.

As for the weight I’d have to say 170 pounds might be his weight now. In his prime, I’d estimate his weight at closer to 180 pounds. Back in the day Chuck was a thick barrel-chested very strong guy.  Since I never met Bruce all I can do is to go with what I’ve read. Facts seem to support him being a wire strong 135-140.

Mental Make Up And Other Attributes

Bruce Lee-Great thinker and strategist with outstanding physical conditioning. Lighting fast, and packed a powerful punch for his size. Studied several different martial arts as well as grappling before developing Jeet Kune Do.

Chuck Norris-Let me say this about Chuck since I was well acquainted with him. He was always a gentleman and genuinely a nice guy outside the ring. He had an iron will as a fighter with a refuse to lose attitude.

Chuck was VERY strong and powerful. I once saw him knock down a good sized guy with a sidekick while the guy was holding a heavy bag steady for him. The guy had his weight up against the bag to support it. Chuck does a lunging sidekick that knocked the guy down on his rear end.

Chuck was very fast although not as fast as Bruce. What Chuck had was an incredible sense of timing (knowing just when to throw a punch or kick).

What many of you may not know is that Chuck was a military guy, and studied more than just karate. He not only studied several forms of karate but also studied grappling with the one and only Judo Gene LeBell. Bruce also studied with Judo Gene.

Here’s a quote from Gene ” Bruce Lee and I didn’t agree on everything. For example, I’ve always been a believer in bobbing and weaving to avoid an opponent’s punches — instead of blocking with your hands.

Bruce’s theory was to block a punch and then strike back with your open hand or fist. My point of view was that if you can avoid absorbing blows in a match or a fight, and then come in with offensive moves, you’ll live a lot longer”.

Here’s My Take On Who Wins A REAL Fight Between Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

The fight begins with Bruce in his Jeet Kune Do stance with little body movement. Chuck is circling Bruce feeling him out. Bruce’s Jjeet Kund Do style teaches to counter attack. Chuck knows this so he throws a few feints to which Bruce reacts to slightly.

Chuck attacks with feint right hand  jab. Bruce starts to counter with his lead hand in classical Jeet Kund Do style. However Chuck before pulling his jab back all the way shoots it out again at Bruce’s right shoulder which neutralizes a counterattack by Bruce’s front hand. Chuck follows with a foot sweep of Bruce’s front ankle. He follows that up with a powerful right hand to Bruce’s rib cage.

Bruce is hurt! He took a punch that would have finished off most fighters. Due to his conditioning though Bruce is hurt but continues.  Bruce changes to a southpaw stance to protect his injured ribs. Bruce immediately fires a left jab followed by a sidekick. Both are lightning fast.

The jab connects and draws blood, the sidekick connects as well but it’s to close to do any real damage. Chuck attacks again this time with roundhouse kick at Bruce’s knee followed with a double leg takedown.

The two crash down to the pavement with Chuck on top. Bruce’s head hits the concrete and had the wind knocked out of him as well. Chuck is mounted over him and quickly fires a punch to Bruce’s ribs that were injured earlier followed by an elbow smash which ends it! Winner is Chuck Norris.

Analysis-Chuck was just too strong, and timing to good for Bruce to overcome those things in a REAL fight. Due to his military training, Chuck was the tougher of the two in a street fight and could absorb more punishment than Bruce.

Sorry to disappoint all you Bruce Lee fans but Chuck was the real deal and to tough a guy for Bruce in a real fight. I will say that IF the fight took place under a points system Bruce may have had an edge.

Some of you may point to a video where Chuck said Bruce was the better of the two. However, that is Chuck being Chuck. A gentleman who you didn’t want to mess with.

I know a number of you may disagree with my decision. I base it on what I saw Chuck do in person and from being around him for a few years as one of his instructors. I look forward to your comments below.


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6.7k shares, 354 points


  1. You forgot to factor in Bruce’s Street smarts which was the reason he became involved in Martial arts at first…He was a member of a street gang in Hong Komg

    1. He still was no match for Chuck. I know of at least one person who wiped the floor with Bruce during the filming of Enter The Dragon. Bruce was good, some of his greatness came after his death. That’s a natural thing. There were people I know that would beat Chuck in a real fight. In the case of Bruce vs Chuck, Chuck is the winner.

  2. Great fun exercise! I enjoyed the hypothetical match up. I agree with the predicted outcome but it’s hard to imagine the fight ending so quickly. I can see the scenario of this imaginary fight playing out as described but with more moves. Neither of these two were or are quitters.
    I also studied under Chuck, in Redondo Beach. As a student, I also assisted with other classes, but my role was more test dummy than instructor. My tenure at the dojo started well before the celebrity of Chuck grew to a household name. Jerry Taylor invited me to join the tournament team in 1967. I went to high school with Aaron. I cherish those memories. I would love to reconnect with fellow Norris Tang Soo Do students.

  3. I for one agree with Helen t… I believe that your relationship with Chuck Norris has you biased… also I’m not trying to take anything away from Chuck Norris because I think he is a total badass but on the other side of the coin Bruce Lee had so much speed and in videos the film that they had to work with at the time they couldn’t even slow it down fast enough 2 show Bruce Lee’s speed in his punches and kicks and movements in general

    1. Joe, I was waiting for someone to mention the “biased” thing. How many people are biased without ever having seen either one in person? Bruce indeed was very very good. However how much of the “myth” of Bruce was due him dying prematurely? Biased…maybe slightly because I saw and knew the man and what he could do. Can you say the same about Bruce? I can name someone who wiped the floor with Bruce off camera during the filming of Enter The Dragon, and it wasn’t Chuck. I also have an opinion on 2 fighters who would have beaten Chuck in a REAL street fight.

    1. We’re not talking about a points tournament. We’re talking street fight. Chuck was too strong, too tough for Bruce to beat in a real street fight. By the way, Bill Wallace was a hell of a point fighter, but Chuck would take him in a REAL fight.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Super foot was amazing. Undefeated in the ring even comming out of retirement and still keep winning.


  5. interesting I think lee would have have been to fast. chuck yes is strong but slow…we must understand. they were friends and great fighters but there were people around that would beat both .in a street fight. to me lee and chuck were and are great men.

  6. Chuck Norris was an asshole in Stockton, CA one night and attacked a San Joaquin County Deputy Sheriff. Chuck got his ass kicked. Was thrown the handcuffs and he put them on his own self. Bruce Lee was lightening fast and very accurate with his punches and kicks. In a real fight, Chuck Norris would have never known what hit him and would have been unconscious before he hit the floor. In an exhibition fight, where everyone gets a even start, like in the WWE and WWF, is strickly entertainment. It ain’t real. In most tournament style, the first one that strikes real blood is disqualified and loses the bout. (End)

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