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Top 5 Mistakes That Will Get You KILLED By A Street Thug

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Dear Patriot,

Hey — Jules Courtney here again… and last post I alerted you to the clear and present danger of being confronted with an attacker when you are away from your weapon. I explained briefly how this can be a likely scenario and the only thing standing between you and your life is your ability to take someone out with your bare hands.

I want to expand on that a bit… and I also want to discuss street thugs, and BULLIES!

Look — Do you think bullies are the stuff of your playground years?

Think again.

What Will You Do When Abused By A Street Thug
Who Is Much Bigger And Nastier Than You?

Listen Champ — A bully isn’t just that kid who pushed you around.

Usually bullies are people who’ve been shoved around and kicked in the teeth their whole lives ñ and they’re just dying to find someone else they can make feel as miserable as they do all the time.

You can find bullies at the bar… on a street corner… even in your local grocery store buying milk.

…And if you don’t follow these simple rules for facing down a bully, you could find yourself in a seriously violent confrontation with someone who’s a whole lot bigger, stronger, and meaner than the bully you remember from the schoolyard.

Here Are My Top 5 Mistakes That
Will Get You KILLED By A Street Thug…

hells angel

1. Failing To Recognize The Street Thug’s Assault

A street thug wants to hurt you, but he doesn’t want to get hurt.

His first move will be an insult, a challenge, or a small physical attack like accidentally bumping into you.

He is looking to see if you’ll respond aggressively or if you’ll try to avoid the confrontation.

If you meekly try to walk away, he’ll think you’re easy bait.

2. Going Into Denial

A natural response is to ignore the abuser.

“Ignore him and he’ll go away” — and isn’t that what teachers and parents always said you were supposed to do you when you were a kid?

Unfortunately, it’s actually the worst tactic.

He’ll see you as a safe victim and someone who won’t kick up a fuss… and he’ll escalate immediately. You can just see the street thug amplifying-up his insults and applying more and more pressure, testing you.

3. Showing Fear

If you seem afraid or panicked, he’ll immediately realize you’re the kind of target he’s been looking for. He is looking for someone who has never dealt with being pushed around — and has no idea how to handle it! He is looking for weakness to prey on

He thinks, “Good. This guy is safe to attack. He doesn’t know what he is doing. He is weak and vulnerable. This is my opportunity”

4. Verbally Challenging the street thug

A verbal challenge almost guarantees an attack.

It may seem like a good idea at first glance — and after all, a street thug is a coward, right?

So if you seem like you are not afraid to fight him, he will back down, right?

Unfortunately, no dice ‘Compadre’!

This nasty, foaming-at-the-mouth, street thug has actually been in a lot of fights, and he knows experienced fighters don’t bother with a warning — they get down to business!

You’ve just showed him you’re NOT an experienced fighter. You’re easy pickings.

5. Not “Checking Your Ego”

Maybe the street thug challenges you in front of your wife or your kids.

Maybe there is a crowd of people watching.

Whatever the reason, you’re worried that people will see this guy picking on you and think less of you, which makes you agitated and more inclined to do something aggressive to prove your manhood.

This is stupid.

If you’re angry, afraid, or worried about coming off well to other people, you’re not going to win this confrontation.

So how do you survive this mess?

Simple. You be ready to fight. And you win.

I know. Maybe you’re not some mixed martial arts “cage fighter” or a bare-knuckles champion boxer…

And — Maybe you’ve never even been in a fight in your entire life!

Maybe bullies just like this guy have picked on YOU — but you always come out the “loser”.

I don’t care what your background is. You CAN beat this guy, and guys just like him… even in sneak attack situations when you are away from your weapon or tribe.

Yes, you can beat bullies time and time again, over and over again, and even potentially save your life!

AND, It is a lot easier than you think!

Of everything I’ve seen and researched and learned from, here’s my highest recommendation on how to survive an attacker or defeat bullies time and time again, every time!

Here’s my recommendation for you here

I HIGHLY recommend you get this Free DVD. I’m wearing this DVD out myself!

BTW, “Defeat Larger Attackers” is a free DVD that teaches you how to go up against the bullies, the criminals, and the truly violent attackers of the world… and win!


It is not hard. In fact, it is simple. It is just a question of knowing how to exploit their weaknesses (and there are many — IF you know where to look and how to use them).

Preppers Guard Against Food Shortages, Water Shortages,
How To Live Off The Grid, But Less Than 5% Discover How
To Protect Themselves (And Their Families) From Attackers
And Bullies With Their Bare Hands! (That’s A Big Mistake!)

My highest recommendation is to just go get this free DVD today, and never worry about the  street thug again. No matter how big he is. This is an incredible tool and resource for you I’m sharing…

Protect yourself and your family here

Defend, Survive & Prosper!

~ Jules Courtney

PS – Again, I’m practically yelling from the rooftops… “Your ability to protect yourself from a bigger attacker or bully — without your weapon — is critical to your survival!” CRITICAL!

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  1. I had a group of guys trying to pick a fight with me at a local bar a year or 2 ago. They were all circling in, talking crap. I Didn’t say a word, started cracking my knuckles and stretching. They eventually backed down, because they knew by my mannerisms that I was ready to take them on. It’s all in the aura you give off.

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