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bruce lee vs chuck norris

Who Would Win In A Real Fight…Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris?

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Alright everyone, thought I’d stir up a little controversy here. Some of you know that I Jason The Good Survivalist used to work for Chuck Norris back in the day. Yeah, that really dates me, but so what.

What you might find interesting is that I can answer most any question as it relates to Chuck. I thought you might also find interesting in who I think would win in a real fight, Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris.

My answer might surprise you. I’d like you to weigh in on this as well in the comment section below. Let everyone know who you think would win in a Bruce vs Chuck real fight, and why.

To help you along in making a decision I’m including 2 videos, one of Bruce Lee, and the other of Chuck Norris so you can compare the two.

These are two really old videos that don’t do either one real justice, but it does give you some idea of their technique. Watch them both, then comment below. Before you give your answer remember the question, who would win in a REAL fight?

Bruce Lee Video:

Chuck Norris Video:

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7.1k shares, 358 points


  1. Bruce Lee ,One he was so quick that when then filmed him,that they had to slow down his movements so that you could see them and martial artists who sparred with him said he hit hard and as for UFC Knowing Bruce he would have adjusted his training methods and incorporated what worked for him to adapt and incorporate techniquies

  2. the style exhibited by both men in the videos makes it very clear that they have vastly different styles which makes it almost impossible to determine which would win on any given day lee’s style of attack being passive in nature with the changes ups in footwork seems to give him a slight edge overall

  3. I think that Bruce Lee would win simply because of his contact fighting/ sparing experience. I truly don’t know Chucks background and he is awesome, but I don’t see the experience of true contact fighting like you see with Bruce Lee. Maybe Chuck was just tired from walking there pulling the two tour buses.

  4. I wish Brandon Lee was still alive so he could vote for his father and give us more cool Crow movies. I bet he would have been a real wild cardif he still lived.;)

  5. I think Bruce Lee would win hands down. As mentioned he had incredible speed. He also had power, it w as said that he could throw a punch from 2 inches away and send a man flying across the room. He was also a very humble man and very disciplined in my opinion. Mr. Norris had plenty of competition matches whereas Bruce Lee developed certain martial arts disciplines. As stated in the video Bruce Lee was ahead of his time, he revolutionized martial arts. He was taken way too soon.

  6. Bruce Lee the winner he trained chuck before meaning to say not all chuck get the skill from his teacher bruce lee

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